Speaking Engagements: Virtual & Stage

Note from Jordanna, the speaker

Hi! If you’ve got your eyes on this text it means you’re considering me for a speaking engagement. I’m excited already!

I love the stage. I love bringing powerful emotion and wisdom to my audience. But more importantly, I actually have the power to transform my audience with my words. Really. People actually light up and become more embodied versions of themselves when I take the stage.

Crazy, huh? And let it be known, it’s a gift I don’t take lightly. My true goal is to spread the most love, inspiration, shift and empowerment possible. And you can rest assured that the word ‘authentic’ doesn’t even begin to describe me. I tell people the raw truth in a way they’re ready and willing to receive it, and in a way that somehow serves everyone involved (seriously – even a huge corporation can rest assured a positive impact in their bottom line even when I’m teaching their employees to step into their power or express themselves). Talk about magic.

I could go on and on, but I’m a no-BS kind of woman. I know you’re here to learn about what topics I speak on. I’ll let you dive in – and I look forward to connecting.


Potential Topics for Magic Making

  • Living a Deeper Vision & Calling
  • Speaking Your Truth & Authentic Communication
  • Overcoming the Fear of Your Own Power
  • Findingthe Balance Between Humanity & Spirituality
  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • The Magic of Darkness in Business
  • Building a Practice of Transformation
  • How to Use Integrity & Vulnerability as a Super Powers
  • Using Your Power to Serve & Support Others
  • How Emotional & Financial Success Co Hand in Hand
  • Finding Magic in the Modern World
  • How to Be a Deep Feeler in a Busy World

Don’t see a match? That’s okay! You’re not limited to these topics, and I’m kinda a master at creating new ones (if I do say so myself). These are just topics I’ve been asked to speak on or have spoken about previously!

Let’s connect and brainstorm together if you have an idea in mind.


Jordanna is one of my go-to coaches because of her depth, empathy and skill. She has coached me through some really intense times of upset and I came out the other side feeling centered, grounded and empowered. At one of my leadership retreats, Jordanna co-led an activity that absolutely changed my life. All of the leaders at the retreat led an activity and Jordanna’s was by far the most life-altering for me. She is so incredibly powerful and holds a safe space for real transformation. There are those coaches who talk the talk and then those who embody the work. Jordanna is one of few who actually lives what she teaches and helps people see real results in their lives from working with her. If you are looking for someone to really guide you to finding and being the real YOU, Jordanna’s the one.

Tanya Paluso

Jordanna brought power, integrity and love to a topic that scares most people into raunning for the hills. On the podcast she jumped right in and made the topic of Reclaiming Your Sorcerer relatable, attainable and somehow totally normal. She goes deep with a great sense of ease and grace that makes you feel as though you are taking a walk in the park with an old friend.
Jenean Zunk

Jordanna is by far the most accurate and intuitive coach I have ever encountered. Not only is she completely compassionate and empathetic to your situation, whatever it may be, but she has an incredible talent for getting to the root of your blocks or issues and addressing them with consideration and care.
She reads energy like no other and helps you through any resistance you may have with fresh new perspectives that just MAKE SENSE. After a session with Jordanna I feel more clarity, less stress and understand myself more than ever before.

Andrea Ashley

Jordanna empowers you to create a new reality, one in more alignment with who you truly are. If you are looking to strip away the false layers of conditioning and live a life that is a reflection of you, Jordanna is a vehicle to arrive there!

Lara Eisenberg