Your Power Is ...
not what the world perceives. | just as big as your love. | safe to express. | capable of changing the world. | your ability to create what you desire.

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I came across Jordanna and her work at exactly the right time. Power, integrity, love, passion, purpose, magic, miracle, divinity, truth, etc. had all been swirling around in my head for quite some time and were finally starting to come together and ignite. Something inside me was yearling for deeper conversations about all these things so I could start taking action, implementing, shifting, growing, creating, and receiving. In just a brief conversation with Jordanna, my heart and mind were immediately engaged in a new way. I’m great at attracting the right people into my life, an even with my magical ability to do that, it’s rare that somebody totally gets it. She totally does. I knew I was safe to be all of me from that moment on, just as I knew any community she was creating would be exactly what I required. I allowed myself to be fully seen and heard, to be vulnerable, to learn and teach, to gain insights from myself and others. I truly enjoyed our weeks together and look forward to being a part of what she creates in the future, because I know it will be magic.

Sally Mercedes