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All too often, carrying a passion for integrity in your heart feels like a worthless cause.

When I was a little girl, my sense of integrity got me into trouble. My heart felt a power that was loving, open, and supportive to all beings. It told me in very clear terms what integrity was.

I could never stand idly by while someone else was being mistreated. A firm insistence on bringing people back home to their hearts became my mission.

The fire burning inside made me feel like I would do anything to put hurtful or unfair behavior to a stop. But that didn’t always work so well.

Ironically, my reaction to a lack of integrity wasn’t always terribly…umm…

I knew in my bones what integrity was. It was linked to a vast love deep within my great big heart. But each time I bore witness to manipulation, inequality, or oppression, something inside of me would scream.

My anger and frustration, fueled by a deep desire for the world to change, rose up to meet anything that was not on par with that love in my heart.

I wanted success. And I planned to do big things in life.

But I knew that success at the risk of others’ well-being wasn’t success.

For years, integrity confused me.

How could I get people to see? What would it take for the possibility I knew in my heart to become what was so?

I wondered: What does integrity really even mean?

As I entered higher education, and then the business world, my questions got bigger. Until I realized I wasn’t alone.

Walking through a world where false power has a history of winning, can make life confusing for all of us. And in the business world that divide becomes even stronger.

A desire for what’s “right” butts right up against what is. As much as you know in your heart what’s possible, getting there begins to seem like a trap.

Things like money and false power still reign strong for so many.

All too often, carrying a passion for integrity in your heart feels like a worthless cause. 

And when you realize that your heart isn’t going to give up on what it feels, the confusion grows. Your sense of integrity is so firmly woven into the tapestry of your soul, that you can’t stop…won’t stop caring about what feels right.

Do you just keep playing it small when a part of you still knows that you’re meant to be powerful? (Not “their” kind of powerful but yours. One that lifts everyone up in their power.)

From the heart of the little girl who experienced the same thing, I get it.

Today, I’m a woman who lives on a foundation of ease with my sense of integrity. It still drives me. The difference today is that it delivers me gifts that abound.

And from the heart of the woman I am now, I say – your integrity is a gift.

I’ve grown into a leader who has guided hundreds of other leaders through the process of becoming one with what their hearts have always known.

As that leader, I say – you’re not meant only to survive, but to thrive.

To help that giant heart within you create a better world and the success it’s always imagined, I humbly present you with:

5 (simple) Ways to Use Integrity as an Asset in Business:

1. Accept your sense of integrity as a vital part of who you are.

People with big hearts and a strong sense of integrity are alchemists at their very core. Even if it doesn’t look like it, you are. You’re meant to use the power of integrity for change.

You have the power to use how you feel about harmful behavior, to create the world your heart has always known. Accept that what your heart knows is possible is actually the fuel that will bring it into reality. This is the first step to understanding how your sense of integrity can lead you to magic.

Your strong sense of integrity serves a very important purpose. It exists for your growth. And it exists for the evolution of the planet.

2. Be open and be flexible.

What causes others to act “out of integrity”? FEAR.

Whether it’s someone who manipulated you into a bad business deal or a company that employs thousands of people to perpetuate harm for money — either way, it all stems from fear.

That fear then causes them to control. Fear and control can lead people to doing things that are manipulative or harmful.

It’s an instinctual part of humanity. Yet neither fear nor control are as simple as blaming those who are operating from it.

Integrity is rarely black or white.

Greeting a lack of integrity with an open heart and a sense of flexibility will teach you what else is possible. It will help you see beyond the finite perspective and into the subtle layers of where “wrong” may doesn’t exist.

You can’t fight fire with fire. In fact, lack of integrity isn’t “fought”. It’s dissolved when presented with love.

Being the integrity you wish to be, and creating the world you wish to experience, requires that you love it all.

3. Do your inner work.

Doing your inner work can be especially challenging when it appears to be about someone else. When someone has directly harmed you, it can be tough to see beyond that. When it’s about the oppression of others — war, human trafficking, environmental destruction, you name it — it’s can be even harder.

How is it about you when it’s clearly about them?

Because the behaviors upsetting you, are completely and utterly human. We all have a tendency to control when certain wounds are brought to the surface. Perhaps you tend to control back when you feel someone else exerting control over you. Or maybe you act out of fear when someone else’s fear crosses your path.

If there are people or purposes you desire to support, doing so requires strength. True strength does not come from fear or control. The more of it you clear out of yourself, the more limitless you’ll be in your possibility of what you can do, be, hold, and create.

Even if what someone is doing is flat out “wrong” there is a reflection there waiting for you to see it. A knife doesn’t require much force to cut when the blade is honed.

4. Allow tomorrow to grow you today

Your strong sense of integrity serves a very important purpose. It helps you grow from what you know possible, to what you’re becoming. It helps you contribute to the world in bigger ways with each step you take.

Growing into a capacity to do, be, and contribute big things isn’t an overnight process. You must exercise and develop your energetic muscles before your physical self and your tangible world can get there too.

Something greater than you knows what you need in order to create and hold the bigness you’re headed towards. It knows who you have to become first.

Because of this, what happens now is a step toward your future. If you allow it to, each challenge you go through will prepare you to hold far bigger things with far more lightness.

Allow your future self to offer you medicine. You only have today. However, what you desire for tomorrow is an important element of what fuels today. Your future self knows what you need in order to get from your desires in this moment, to being the powerful being you know you’re meant to become.

5. Let go… (And also hold on!)

The fabric of your integrity wants you to feel solid in it. This solidity will give you power that’s more loving, and easier to use for the benefit of all.

In genuine power, a balance of surrender and choice is key.

Letting go will help you learn new lessons about integrity you may not have expected. It will help to refine your perspective on integrity.

Creating a new paradigm takes an ever-evolving perspective on what’s important to us. Integrity needs permission to evolve, just as you do. Find harmony and evolve with it.

While letting go will help guide your inner knowing into developing the innovation to create something new; holding onto your choice will help you craft what’s possible in the tangible world of business, money, relationships, and all of the places you most desire to see an integrity shift.

Your big heart is what’s going to help change the planet.

You just have to align yourself with becoming what you’ve always known possible.

We are building a world in which integrity wins.

It starts with building an unshakable foundation within.

Are you saying to yourself “Yes, I want to build an unshakable foundation!”?

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre

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Today's leaders need to find the fierceness of Gandhi, the perseverance of Mandela, & the equanimity of a Buddha...without meditating for years on a mountaintop.

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