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5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Transformation You Desire

Weeeeee!! Can you feel it?

We’re shifting so rapidly these days.

Or not. Some days it may feel like you’re stuck.

But I’m here to remind you.


In fact, you never were. You were never broken, there’s nothing to fix, and you’re never EVER truly stuck.

But because some of the rapid growth you’re moving through, it can feel like it.

So today, I’ve created the top seven reasons why it may look like you’re stuck when really, you’re doing fabulously!

Top 7 reasons why you may think you’re stuck, but you’re really right on track:

1. Life keeps throwing you lemons, and you’re freaking sick of making lemonade. 
Yeah, I hear you. But each time you don’t make those lemons about you, each time you allow yourself to move through them with ease, you learn soooo much about yourself, and you grow leaps and bounds. Life can be easy, but part of the ease is seeing the lemons as lemonade from the start. You’ll never be done making it, but each batch you make will bring you joy and goodness if you let it.

2. Self sabotage keeps rearing its ugly head.
The apparently downward spiral of self sabotage is awesome – because it shows you where and when you’re not in alignment with your essence. And it’s your essence that is already right on track. So every time you fall back down the hole, even if you’ve been down there for weeks, thank it for the awesome job it’s doing of cleaning off the crud that isn’t you, so you can step back out into the world shiny and more of you. That’s growth not stuckness.

3. Everyone else is so much further along. It’s like you blinked and suddenly the whole world is making living the life of YOUR dreams. 
Honey, Facebook and Instagram are no real depictor. They’re probably saying that about everyone else. Jealousy is just a reminder that you can create anything you want. But YOUR perfect life is only found within you and your experience. So remember you have enough right now, that time doesn’t really exist anyway, and your dream life is just waiting for you to pull away the veil of illusion and start living it.

4. You can’t stop crying. You’re just feeling SO much. 
Exactly. Not stuck. Your feelings are beautiful. It means you’re alive. They’re an expression of your truth. Every feeling you allow is massively perfect presence, and allows for massively perfect growth.

5. You’re getting older and older, with nothing to show. 
Just like time, age is also just an illusion (they do go together, don’t they?). Again, this lies in your perception. I could go on and on about all you’ve already accomplished, but staying with the now, let me just remind you that the feeling you’re seeking is far more important than the pragmatics or tangibles. If what you really want is freedom, wouldn’t it feel far more free to release yourself from the age/time/comparison/not-living-in-the-now continuum? I thought so.

6. You have little to say and it looks like you’re not growing at all. 
Honey, I don’t care how it LOOKS. When you finally learn that each level of your growth doesn’t need days or weeks of evaluation or overthinking, you’re in a golden place. Huge, really. It’s okay if others don’t get it, or even think something’s ‘wrong’ because you’ve stopped talking about it. The glorious embodiment of knowing you’re enough that comes from this golden place, is well, enough.

7. The same patterns keep repeating themselves.
The only thing that doesn’t serve you here, is to allow yourself to feel stuck in this pattern. If you’re able to recognize it as a pattern, you’ve done a big chunk of the work of releasing it already. Some of our ‘stuff’ needs to resurface in multiple layers of patterns. But you’re never stuck in them. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ve come much farther than you’re giving yourself credit for. You could make a choice today that allows you to release it all. And you could be standing on the very edge of opening the biggest container of skyrocketing growth you’ve ever seen. Or it could take a while and a few more layers. No matter what the future holds, the power you hold to create is in the now. And worrying about what’s repeating, is living in the past.

In fact, that’s the bottom line. The feeling of stuckness only happens when we worry about the past and the future. So, at risk of sounding like a buddhist monk, let me remind you that your life is right here, right now, in this very moment. And in this very moment, that aliveness that’s flowing through you, that’s everything. Which means that you are everything. So work with that, yeah?

In abounding love and joy,

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