about the MDS Methodology


The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology holds the medicine to support us in reinforcing our ever-deepening wisdom and embodiment of genuine power.

It is a journey into, and an anchoring of, the vision and the wisdom of your highest calling

The container of the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology is intended to be both a foundation to hold, and a modality to strengthen the Big Questions you have for yourself and the world by linking your innate wisdom to the power you’ve felt possible in your heart all along.

It supports and nurtures your Questions and their Answers — those both known and unknown that grow with each step we open as individuals and with each step we open as part of the collective in which we all exist.

The methodology lives at the intersection of all things spiritual and all things earthly. It brings alchemical power to every element of our lives and businesses. It supports us in all things practical, and all things of our deepest desires; unveiling the connection between the two. 

It is work that demystifies the co-creative power between humanity and something much greater than us. It is initiation and growth in our capacity to surrender. It is deepening in our ability to make powerful choices. It is activation of everything we stand for and a wisdom that is expanding within us. It is becoming — a process in which every particle of every cell in our being is infused with all we’ve been desiring to be.

The methodology is cognitive, behavioral, spiritual and alchemical. It is backed by the science of physics and biology and fueled by inner knowing that intersects science and spirituality. It will meet you wherever you’re ready to go and at whatever depths you desire or require. And it will greet you where your joy is revealed by the truth of your inner wisdom.

It is the guidance of your vision; it is the guidance of your inner compass.

The work is comprised of 3 main Elements that form a core concept.

UNLIMITED THREADS connect From there, taking you anywhere you desire to explore, learn, embody and grow.

Let's explore The 3 Main Elements:

1. A deep understanding of humanity — your own, as well as that of others.

The work will deepen your connection to your thoughts, feelings, and the innate power you have to create alchemy in all parts of your life and the world as a whole. 

2. Activation of your unique wisdom.

Whether you’re desiring a greater sense of purpose, or you are already actively engaged with your purpose and vision, the Modern Day Sorcerer methodology will activate gifts, wisdom, and an infinite sense of power that is unique to you, yet connected to everything. It also catalyzes purpose, vision, and power in those we interact with, producing powerful results for leaders, and within company culture. 

3. Connection of your physical world to its energetic makeup.

The methodology will give you eyes with which to see everything in your life, business, and world as energy. And it will support you in engaging with the energetic makeup of things. It will deepen your capacity to feel, and be supported by all aspects of life.

All paths lead to THis CORE CONCEPT:

Creation moves in a spiral. Like the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, the way a Nautilus shell is formed, and the way a plant grows when you witness it in a time-lapse video — it’s in everything. This spiral moves throughout us and our lives, beckoning us to interact with it.

It is in our conditioning to resist the helpful nudges from this spiral that will actually benefit our desires, as well as Creation’s plan for us. The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology teaches us to live in co-operation and fulfilling co-creation with the spiral of Creation.

Additional threads interwoven into the work:

  • Forms - Radio Button Overcome the fear of your own power
  • Forms - Radio Button Expanding to hold more with increased lightness
  • Forms - Radio Button Make sense of deeply complex human issues
  • Forms - Radio Button Resolve the need to intellectually understand that which is meant to be experienced
  • Forms - Radio Button Release layers of unconscious protection around your innate wisdom so that people can receive it & you fully
  • Forms - Radio Button Find the connection between your individuality and the collective “we”
  • Forms - Radio Button Access the infinite wisdom of the body
  • Forms - Radio Button Activate embodiment, shifting from "intellectual understanding" to every cell in your being operating from that understanding
  • Forms - Radio Button Understand and use sensitivity as a gift
  • Forms - Radio Button Dissolve fear of not being enough and/or of being too much in the deepest undercurrents
  • Forms - Radio Button Use everything that happens in life as the opportunity to fulfill your desires that it’s intended to be
  • Forms - Radio Button Embrace darkness and light mutually to find the light within everything
  • Forms - Radio Button Learn to operate from the guidance of your vision
  • Forms - Radio Button The proverbial “death” process within life, and using it to achieve your dreams
  • Forms - Radio Button Turn existential angst into purpose
  • Forms - Radio Button Balance tremendous power and humility, experiencing unity with both
  • Forms - Radio Button Cultivate gifts you’ve always suspected you had
  • Forms - Radio Button Learn to navigate the complex world of thought with ease and balance

The results: All intentions are welcome in the Modern Day Sorcerer containers. Some of the more common results ARE as follows…

  • Forms - Radio Button Balance yin and yang (feminine and masculine qualities) in a way that’s supportive to you and your power as a co-creator
  • Forms - Radio Button Find more powerful bearings as a leader who can hold and catalyze the wisdom & power of others
  • Forms - Radio Button Increased balance in a busy schedule (a feeling of having “space”)
  • Forms - Radio Button Power struggles become a thing of the past
  • Forms - Radio Button Expanded relationship with time
  • Forms - Radio Button Integrate your many passions, ideas, and desires into one place of unique and infinite expression
  • Forms - Radio Button Navigate life’s ups and downs with wisdom, trust and grace
  • Forms - Radio Button Expanded and deepened trust with money
  • Forms - Radio Button The integrity you know possible becomes the norm in your world
  • Forms - Radio Button Relationships become more fulfilling
  • Forms - Radio Button Asking life’s big questions becomes fun and fulfilling
  • Forms - Radio Button Activation of your unique wisdom and gifts
  • Forms - Radio Button Embrace Source/God/something greater as an experience, not just an intellectual understanding
  • Forms - Radio Button An ability to hold paradox (an especially big gift for leaders)
  • Forms - Radio Button Develop your own relationship with the “something greater” that you know within your heart
  • Forms - Radio Button Trust in uncertainty and learn to dance with it
  • Forms - Radio Button Full presence in every moment
  • Forms - Radio Button Develop an awareness of subtle energies
  • Forms - Radio Button Anchor the biggest, most vast ideas, concepts, and wisdom into that which is tangible & easy to implement
  • Forms - Radio Button Deepened discernment in all areas
  • Forms - Radio Button Smooth and powerful communication in even the “crunchiest” moments
  • Forms - Radio Button Use your sensitivity as a superpower
  • Forms - Radio Button Calm of the busy mind
  • Forms - Radio Button Ease in doing things you know are good for you
  • Forms - Radio Button Ever-expanding wholeness within the self
  • Forms - Radio Button Ease in the up-level process of your expansion
  • Forms - Radio Button A grounded capacity for everything spiritual to become practical; and everything practical to become God/Source
  • Forms - Radio Button An ability to hold more in life and leadership with increased ease
  • Forms - Radio Button Parts of your life that were previously un-enjoyable become enjoyable

A note about being "ready"

We recommend starting this work as soon as you feel it “calling you”. This can feel like a nudge, intrigue, curiosity, an inner knowing, or a resonance. Alternatively, it can feel like an edge – one that could bring up fear or resistance as you step into a new level. This is a sign of a powerful choice. Or perhaps you’ve known about us for a while, and we’ve popped back into your awareness a few times. The chances are good that if you’ve made it this far, you know what I mean.

It’s even possible the conversation between “The Work” and you has already begun. To receive its benefits, however, the container of each of our programs requires choice. Choosing to give yourself the gift of this work will immediately catalyze the journeys of exponential growth available to you here. 

Most people begin to notice a tangible increase in what they’re capable of, awakening of inner wisdom, or otherwise beneficial results right away. Words tend to fall short of an accurate description, though. It’s just one of those things that a person has to experience for themselves in order to understand.

So, as for “being ready”, the ancient Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The demands of our work, family, and social lives aren’t going to slow down anytime soon, and we usually don’t have to look very hard to find an excuse to justify putting off an investment of time or money on our self-development, even if the upside is feeling good, having more time, making more money, and having better relationships with the people that are important to us.

It’s easy to believe that we will get around to doing it next week, next month, or next year. But choice has to happen in the present moment, or it doesn’t catalyze possibility into reality.

Trees take time to grow, and another 20 years will go by in the blink of an eye.

Plant a seed now and let the roots take hold. Grow a healthy foundational system to support you for all time.

20 years from now, you’ll be glad you did. 

Andy, 29 years old, Indonesia

“Whatever you need to work on, Modern Day Sorcerer can hold ANYTHING! In my journey with MDS I have grown into someone that I never dreamed capable of in so many aspects of life. This work is what every human needs.”

Alanna Blitz, Mother, Visionary

“That compass inside of me that couldn’t find its bearing is now functioning, the road blocks are dissipating, and each day I ‘see’ more clearly.”

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