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A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post on how to let courageous transformation be easier than we think it’s supposed to be. And it feels like time to expand the conversation.

Because, chances are, there’s a part of you that simply doesn’t believe it can be easy.

Life is “supposed to be hard” and “anything we want comes with hard work.” These are beliefs that tend to be deeply ingrained in all of us. It’s humanity… or at least, it’s our society and what we’ve learned from generations upon generations of past examples.

And examples aren’t just examples. They become infused into our belief system over time.

So if we have all of this evidence that life is hard, how can expanding our possibility of what life can be for us be easier? Shouldn’t it be even harder by design?

Not exactly. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Yes, as we take on the practice of growing into the next (and next, and next) level version of ourselves, our experience of growing “being hard” will come up. Don’t get me wrong, it can seem hard sometimes.

But just because your current belief system tells you it’s hard, does not mean it actually is – or that it has to stay that way.

Everything around and within us is constantly changing. The best part about our ever-changing world? We get to choose whether we’re dying or becoming more alive in each moment.

With each shift we make, if we choose more life, our cells actually return more and more to their organic state of things being easy. Easier, I’m willing to promise, than any of us can even see in our current state of humanity.

But, if it’s so easy, why don’t we choose this?

Simply put, it’s because the only thing that’s lying between hard and easy is something we’ve been taught to avoid: feeling.

And that’s the thing about “hard.” Ultimately, it’s only a feeling. If we let it be.

Feeling doesn’t need to be difficult. Feeling, when allowed in our bodies, can actually be joyful (even when experiencing the pain).

So what’s left outside of the feeling? That’s where our choices begin. We choose the how and what our lives look like.

The only reason our transformation or expansion (of ourselves, our businesses/careers, our relationships, or anything we could ever desire) is ever “hard” is because our psyches have built-in protection mechanisms. They’ve gotten really good at holding us back.

However, we can easily “re-train” or re-program these processes – the same way you would a piece of equipment.

With each feeling we allow, we become lighter and lighter; we become more and more aligned with choosing what we actually desire, and less burdened with old habits our psyches think we need to protect ourselves.

And, while it’s always important to listen to our feelings, it’s not important to listen to the “can’t” and “don’t” and “ouch” of our psyches – at least not past the extent of acknowledging them.

That’s where the choice that’s always available to us comes into play.

We can choose to step into the possibility.
We can choose to allow the magic.
We can choose the light within us.

We can choose to return to our deepest knowing that we’re here to create and serve and fully experience life, and we can choose just that.

And each moment we do, we have the opportunity to start over again. To create and serve and experience anew.

Life isn’t stagnant, so yes, as you do this, “upper limits” will arise, and you will hit contractions that come up before its counterpart of expansion.

But whether all of this is easy or hard – that part is up to you.

I’d love to hear where you can let go of the perception of “hard” today and let it all be that much easier! xx

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