The Secret to Going From “Cannot” to “Mission Accomplished”

The Secret to Going From “Cannot” to “Mission Accomplished”

I did something today that I’ve taken countless tries at, but could never seem to get right. Something I’ve tried in three different countries, with various people, and with plenty of “tips” from experts that simply didn’t seem to work.

I did it for myself. I did it for my business. I did it for the well-being of the world.

I stood up surfing. Finally, I caught a wave and rode it in standing.

As fun as it was to ride that wave, the exhilaration in my body came even more from knowing why I caught that wave.

Often, the need to know “why” only stops us from surrendering, from letting things work their magic.

But today the “why” was where the growth was. I needed to see what had been stopping me from doing something that always felt like it was supposed to be easy, but never was.

So what was my secret to suddenly catching waves?

I slowed the f#@% down.

Truly. That’s all I did. My instructor (who, in my defense, was only the second “real” instructor I’ve ever had try to teach me) pointed out how quickly I was trying to stand up… and how much more time I had than I thought to get up on the wave.

In that moment, everything changed. It became simple. Easy.

But one minute before, it wasn’t easy. I was running on only three hours of sleep and extreme jet lag, on the second day of my moon cycle (a day I would normally devote to internal practices involving plenty of stillness).

One minute before, I had a story made up that today must not be the day and that the circumstances just weren’t right.

And then I caught myself. I stopped and asked myself what I really desired to create. And I mustered up the courage to supersede my exhaustion and move forward, letting mother ocean guide me. I even said to myself out loud, “Okay mama ocean. Let’s do this.”

Before I knew it, I was riding a wave — and realizing that mama ocean had been trying to guide me the entire time. I just hadn’t been willing to slow down for long enough to realize it.

Before that, I wanted to believe I was listening. I could feel the wave rise up beneath me, and would immediately pop up, expecting it to be the right time because I’d felt it.

But our feelings aren’t necessarily meant to be acted upon instantly.

Yes, our feelings are our truth. Yes, they are a perfectly messy and beautiful guidance system to everything we truly desire.

But we forget we have time to go from a state of feeling to a state of action, and so as a society we’ve learned to act instantly.

Scarcity, fear, worry, insecurity, doubt, mistrust… the list goes on.

We have so many reasons we perceive deep down that we must act now.

But what if we never needed to act until we felt ready?

What if every time a feeling came on, we were to allow ourselves time to ride that feeling out until it brings the inspiration we had been thinking we’d found when we jumped at it?

The inspiration we think we’re acting on when we act before it’s time is a false sense of creation.

We become so dependent upon believing our enoughness relies on our perceived accomplishments, that we don’t even stop to ask what the milestone for that accomplishment is.

In the scheme of things, done is not actually done if the desired result isn’t reached. But for our fears, our doubts, our scarcity, our worries, our insecurities, and our mistrust, the result is reached when the thing we think comes next gets checked off of the list.

But checking things off a list never promises results. It’s aligning them with the inspiration, the desires, and the feeling of the moment that does.

Mama ocean taught me today that even when I think I am already doing that, I can always benefit from waiting that extra moment to feel whether it’s the right time to act. She taught me that in that moment I’m waiting, I’m actually creating.

Our creations don’t actually come from the tangible. We create the tangible through connecting to the intangible. That’s the joy of creation — and where the fulfillment comes from.

If I asked you to sit down and create something tangible with an exact prototype in front of you, and all of the physical pieces already in hand, would it ultimately be as fulfilling as creating it from scratch? As going through the journey of inspiration, trial and error, and, ultimately, making something amazing out of what looked like nothing?

For me it wouldn’t. Not one bit.

My joy in creating comes in my increasing relationship to how much of the intangible I can take from my heart, my mind, my soul, and turn into the tangible in the physical reality of my life and the world around me.

For the sake of my creations, for the sake of fulfillment, and for the sake of the world, I’m choosing to pause and listen for that extra moment.

Will you choose the courage to do the same?

4 Reasons Your Body Has Everything to Do With Your Business  (and All the Important Facets of Your Life)

4 Reasons Your Body Has Everything to Do With Your Business (and All the Important Facets of Your Life)

The path is never-ending. You spend your days as an entrepreneur making decisions, innovating, and paving the way to new heights for your customers and your team. It’s an all-consuming journey — one you wouldn’t change for the world, but intense and exhausting, nonetheless.

You somehow find the time to keep yourself alive and, if you’re lucky, healthy in the process — but sometimes creating the space in your schedule to incorporate all of the things you know you need to feel whole can seem like a futile effort.

It’s easier to fuel your business than your body. What you do for your body seems to move on a continuous cycle of give and take that feels pointless, whereas your efforts in your business reap tangible rewards over time, each step moving you closer to the bigger vision.

So you do what you can to keep your body in alignment, but your business has to come first and there’s no debating that for you.

And that’s where most entrepreneurs go wrong.

We think our businesses come from our minds and, if we’re lucky enough to be mission-driven, our hearts. But we forget the key ingredient in leadership and business — our bodies.

But here’s what I’ve found. Ever since I’ve shifted my perception of my workouts, and all forms of the physical activity that I’ve always loved, from a part of my life to an integral part of my business’ success, my business has skyrocketed.

Everything within my business has grown more quickly, I’ve become far more relaxed and peaceful in dealing with the challenges of entrepreneurship, making decisions has become a piece of cake, I have felt far more supported, and the feelings of ease, flow, joy and fulfillment have infused my days on a much more regular basis.

This new awareness has made me eager to share what I’ve learned with you!

Behold, four reasons why it’s necessary to integrate your body into how you’re running and growing your business and, really, into all of the decisions you make and actions you take from day to day:

1. Your body is where the next steps in your business are meant to come from.
Most good entrepreneurs at some point realize that ‘gut feelings’ are just as important in decision making as business sense and strategy. You learn pretty quickly as an entrepreneur that not following your gut on things will hold you back.

So consider this – your body is your access to these feelings and gut instincts. The “spidey-senses” that you strive to become stronger in, which guide your business forward, are accessible in your entire body, not just your gut.

The more “in” your body you feel, the more you’ll be able to notice the subtleties of the sensations in your body that are trying to give you signals of what decision to make, what ideas to act upon, and how to move forward in your business.

2. Your feelings are there to guide your business.
One of the best parts about being human is our ability to create things – that’s probably part of what motivated you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Another amazing aspect of the human experience is our ability to feel. This goes for men and women alike. Everything from the feeling of a soft touch, to joy as it rises up within us – anything we can feel is a gift of the human experience.

It is with this same awareness that we can begin to notice the extent to which our feelings have been trying to guide us in our businesses. Even the seemingly negative feelings, when ignored, are bound to fester and ultimately get in the way of our ability to stay present and lead powerfully. And at their core, all of our feelings serve a purpose in leading us toward more clarity and truth in our business.

So what does that have to do with your body? Your feelings are felt within your body, and nowhere else. By coming home to having an awareness of your body, you will be more aware of your feelings and their subtleties in the role of co-creation they play with your business.

3. An embodied leader is far more powerful than one who’s not.
Walking your talk is an important part of leadership. If we’re not walking our talk, we can’t expect anyone to listen to us, let alone want to be a part of our mission. But embodiment is a step beyond walking our talk. It’s demonstrating what we believe in through more than our actions – through feeling and knowing things so strongly in our bodies that our words and actions become aligned with our very state of being.

Embodiment creates trust and alignment, and it cultivates excellent leadership in your business. And the only way to become fully embodied is to get into your body – to inhabit it in a way that it’s not separate from your mind.

4. The best way to cure an overactive mind is through the body.
You’re undoubtedly brilliant – most entrepreneurs are. However, chances are that sometimes it feels like your brilliant mind gets in the way of making progress with your business more than it helps move things forward.

So how do you continue to cultivate your mind’s brilliance while keeping it mellow enough to stay focused and act on your brilliant thoughts? How do you prevent your brilliance from monkey-minding into an abyss of intellect that ultimately takes you nowhere?

The key is in your body. When we develop a practice of bringing our awareness to our bodies, the mind is able to slow down to a place of intentional focus and act as our ally, not our enemy.

It’s time to redefine the “hustle” typical of entrepreneurs to one of ease in movement — from the inside out.

And it’s time to take thing that you considered one aspect of your life — like a separate component you try to maintain — and realize it’s actually a part of every aspect of your life.

What commitment can you make to include your body in your business today?

In abounding love and joy,

Why You Should Treat Fear Like an Ally in Life & Business

Why You Should Treat Fear Like an Ally in Life & Business

Isaac Newton said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

For every contraction that takes place within us, an equal amount of expansion is trying to happen.

Look at your body and its way of contracting to create expansion and expanding to creating contraction. It’s one of the simplest laws of physics.

So then why do we humans work so hard at squelching our fear?

We believe that fear is something we have to get out of the way – using phrases like “smash that fear” or “kick your fear to the curb” frequently.

Au contraire, mon ami.

When you do that, you’re trying to defeat the laws of physics – in turn defeating the plan laid out for you.

And your fear is part of that plan, part of the perfect trajectory of the path that’s laid out before you that’s taking you into your wildest dreams.

Kicking your fear to the curb will thwart your efforts in turning your dreams into a reality.

So what then? If fear is actually a part of your process in creating the life and business you desire, what the heck do you do with it when it arises?

Because if you simply don’t do anything, it will paralyze you – stopping you from moving forward and thwarting your expansion in an even more extreme way.

It’s quite simple, actually.

Understand fear for what it is – a resource or indicator that you’re on the right path.

Think about it – what comes up when the fear starts? What runs through your mind? Is it flashes of failure or wondering if you’ll lose the very thing you have?

What you’re about to do is, yes, a little scary! So fear is a part of the process. It aids in your growth. It will add to your expansion.

Allow fear as a part of your expansion.

Feel it as the simple feeling that it is.

Lean into it, giving it permission to point out all of the little cracks and crevices where you need to grow and shift to become the version of you that the very expansion that awaits you requires you to be.

Recognize that the way your life will look and feel when you achieve your dreams requires an upgraded version of you. A version of you that can embrace even more good in your life. One that embodies the qualities your dreams require.

Then surrender into your fear, allowing it to teach you what you need to learn, shift, embody, or acknowledge to become the creator and nurturer of the life you truly desire.

The following are steps to get you started on the road to using fear for its purpose:

1. Acknowledge your fear.
2. Develop a relationship with it.
3. Surrender into it (see our blog post on surrender if you’re not sure what we mean).
4. Let it move through you as the feeling it is (when you do this, it will dissipate).
5. Let it show you where you are ready to grow.

Are you willing to give fear permission to help you grow? Could you let it give you the direction, tools, and unlimited possibility that will help you carve out the path toward your dreams that your fear lovingly arose to support you with?

Watch how you can continue to make fear work for you with the video below:


I’d love to hear what unfolds for you as you develop a new way of relating to fear! Comment below to share your journey with us.

4 Ways to Use Money as a Tool for Growth

4 Ways to Use Money as a Tool for Growth

Money – no matter how abundant you are in life with money, or no matter how little you have, it’s something that always makes us just a little uncomfortable.

We use it to define us – at times – based on how much we do or don’t have.

It feels uncomfortable because it tends to shine the light on all our insecurities and fears.

Money tends to make us feel that uncomfortable realness that is “where we are at” in life – as money is so often used to define us.

With absolute empathy and understanding, I’ve been there. I’ve been working on my own relationship with money, and it’s been pretty damn uncomfortable.

But it’s made me realize something huge…

The truth? Money, no matter how much you have, is actually a tool you can use for personal growth.

As requested, we’re bringing you a brand new modality of connecting: video!

Dive in!

And if you watch this blog and still feel a little icky, simply comment back and tell me what you’re struggling with.

I’d love to help. 🙂

Are “lost opportunities” really lost?

Are “lost opportunities” really lost?

Life is always moving forward, and in that forward motion comes choices we make along the way.

The choices are endless:

  • What career path to take
  • Where to live
  • Whether to have children or not
  • Whether to take this path or that one
  • Learning this new skill or the other
  • The beach or the mountains
  • Vanilla or chocolate

Some choices leave room for you to return to them, to choose something new along the way. Others are chosen for you.

And many, if not most of your choices, once chosen, leave behind a plethora of other options – some of which may come back to haunt you or leave you wondering “what if.”

With choice comes the unfortunate reality that you can’t choose it all.

So when are the previously “closed doors” from our past choices really closed?  Is it wise to return to a “what if” from past choices? When is okay to invite “what could have been” into present day life? And when do you know it’s too late?

The good news about your choices: It’s NEVER too late to glance back.

You might think, what about the choices that now leave imprints in your life that are unchangeable? For example, having children isn’t something you can go back on and choose otherwise. Even for those choices, there is still a door that awaits you.

You can go back and open the door to the parts of you, you previously thought lost.

That’s because it’s never about the choice itself. It’s about the feeling it would have brought you – the experience of an expression of you that you could have had if you had chosen A instead of B.

The choice that was already made may have left a lasting imprint of experience – but since when is experienceanything but beneficial?

Experiences – even seemingly awful ones – bring wisdom, awareness, and a deepened sense of self.Even the ones that seem to take you away from yourself ultimately bring you closer to you if you lean into the experience you have gained.

You may not be able to go back to the starting point before the first door was opened.

But there’s no hard and fast rule that says that, what was behind that door can’t be even better with experience, wisdom, and time.

So even if the exact door you left behind – the one that still has you wondering “what if” – can’t reappear or be reopened, the hope of the possibility and the expression of you that lies behind that very door can be there for you to walk through now.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are the feelings you had hoped it would bring you?
  • What was the adventure behind that door?
  • What form of expansion or growth had you desired for it to create for you?

And once you have yourself grounded in what you were seeking, then you can explore what’s next:

  • What experiences lay ahead that could bring you those same feelings, adventures, growth, and expansion?
  • What parts of yourself will you have to pick back up, dust off, and embrace to open those new doors?
  • If fear stopped you from opening the door in the first place, what would it take for you to acknowledge and move through that fear today?
  • What will it take for you to be ready to embrace the courage to take the step you didn’t take, but have continued to wonder about?

You can never lose a part of yourself that’s an aspect of your true expression. And it’s never too late to experience a part of you that’s… well… you.

Life is full of possibility to take hold of in an embrace of any expression you choose. And though one choice may be lost in the moment you choose another, with the passing of time, new choice is always available to you.

So quit looking behind, and look ahead to the doors that hold the possibilities of the expression you desire now – and take advantage of the perfect activity we’ve created for you to do just that!

Want a week of transformation, expansion, and epic connections to build on this week’s blog post?! We’ve put together a mini-Sorcerer School to give you just that! Click here to sign up!

Can growth (in biz + yourself) really be that easy?

Can growth (in biz + yourself) really be that easy?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post on how to let courageous transformation be easier than we think it’s supposed to be. And it feels like time to expand the conversation.

Because, chances are, there’s a part of you that simply doesn’t believe it can be easy.

Life is “supposed to be hard” and “anything we want comes with hard work.” These are beliefs that tend to be deeply ingrained in all of us. It’s humanity… or at least, it’s our society and what we’ve learned from generations upon generations of past examples.

And examples aren’t just examples. They become infused into our belief system over time.

So if we have all of this evidence that life is hard, how can expanding our possibility of what life can be for us be easier? Shouldn’t it be even harder by design?

Not exactly. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Yes, as we take on the practice of growing into the next (and next, and next) level version of ourselves, our experience of growing “being hard” will come up. Don’t get me wrong, it can seem hard sometimes.

But just because your current belief system tells you it’s hard, does not mean it actually is – or that it has to stay that way.

Everything around and within us is constantly changing. The best part about our ever-changing world? We get to choose whether we’re dying or becoming more alive in each moment.

With each shift we make, if we choose more life, our cells actually return more and more to their organic state of things being easy. Easier, I’m willing to promise, than any of us can even see in our current state of humanity.

But, if it’s so easy, why don’t we choose this?

Simply put, it’s because the only thing that’s lying between hard and easy is something we’ve been taught to avoid: feeling.

And that’s the thing about “hard.” Ultimately, it’s only a feeling. If we let it be.

Feeling doesn’t need to be difficult. Feeling, when allowed in our bodies, can actually be joyful (even when experiencing the pain).

So what’s left outside of the feeling? That’s where our choices begin. We choose the how and what our lives look like.

The only reason our transformation or expansion (of ourselves, our businesses/careers, our relationships, or anything we could ever desire) is ever “hard” is because our psyches have built-in protection mechanisms. They’ve gotten really good at holding us back.

However, we can easily “re-train” or re-program these processes – the same way you would a piece of equipment.

With each feeling we allow, we become lighter and lighter; we become more and more aligned with choosing what we actually desire, and less burdened with old habits our psyches think we need to protect ourselves.

And, while it’s always important to listen to our feelings, it’s not important to listen to the “can’t” and “don’t” and “ouch” of our psyches – at least not past the extent of acknowledging them.

That’s where the choice that’s always available to us comes into play.

We can choose to step into the possibility.
We can choose to allow the magic.
We can choose the light within us.

We can choose to return to our deepest knowing that we’re here to create and serve and fully experience life, and we can choose just that.

And each moment we do, we have the opportunity to start over again. To create and serve and experience anew.

Life isn’t stagnant, so yes, as you do this, “upper limits” will arise, and you will hit contractions that come up before its counterpart of expansion.

But whether all of this is easy or hard – that part is up to you.

I’d love to hear where you can let go of the perception of “hard” today and let it all be that much easier! xx