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How to be Present (Through Not Being Present)

There’s a key to being more present that you won’t lose when you get rattled. It’s a way to be more present that’ll stick with you consistently. Today, I’m going to show you a practice that you can do to become increasingly and consistently present.


How do you heal a broken system?

Disclaimer: This is one of the most “intense” articles I’ve ever written. But I promise that if you make it through to the end, you’ll find the power and possibility.

We have to go through the darkness to get to the light we’ve been desiring. And the light that awaits us there is brighter, and holds more opportunity for ALL of us.


The Medicine of Discomfort

A few weeks ago I awoke to a feeling that something was off… I got out of bed for my morning practice, and the curiosity


Why Leadership is Dying

When I was a little girl I fought tooth and nail for what was right. I was the kid who spoke up (sometimes even shouted)