**New Masterclass For Change-Focused Leaders**

How To Thrive As A Leader In The Face Of Ever-Increasing Pressure…

Disclaimer: This is one of the most "intense" articles I've ever written. But I promise that if you make it through to the end, you'll find the power and possibility. We have to go through the darkness to get to the light we've been desiring. And the light that awaits us there is brighter, and holds more opportunity for ALL of us.

Covering yourself in pretty branding and glitter is easy. Being what you claim to be is not.

It's the weekend, and your mind won't shut up. Everything in your life seems to be ramping up quickly...

Creation, science, understanding the dual nature of our world, what being a "sorceress" really is (and how you are one, too), balancing masculine and feminine nature, and more!

All too often, carrying a passion for integrity in your heart feels like a worthless cause.