3 Jedi Tricks to Master Uncertainty While Also Creating What You Desire

3 Jedi Tricks to Master Uncertainty While Also Creating What You Desire

Last year I rang in the New Year in Morocco. And, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that the 3.5 months I spent there were akin to a bootcamp in living life in pure uncertainty (click here to read more).

People who want to create big things and change previously unchangeable paradigms, have to learn to surrender and choose — and doing so at the same time must become par for the course of the lives we lead.

It’s common for my clients to express to me a fear of uncertainty. It’s both quintessential to humanity, and to those of us who live for a contribution to humanity that appears out of our reach.

How would I be able to support my clients if I, myself, weren’t already a master of these differentiations between the realities of our humanity and the illusions of the God within it all?

My initial experience in Morocco taught me I wasn’t the master I desired to be — at least, not on the level I knew possible. A level in which all that was important to me could be hanging in uncertain imbalance, and I’d somehow find a way to be in spacious peace with it. To be both unattached to the outcome of any exact moment, and able to witness my own creation of the greater outcomes I knew my vision depended upon.

Was it even possible to master this level of uncertainty?

Maybe, maybe not. But I knew I had no choice but to embark upon trying. Because life would continue to be uncertain. And one thing I knew clearly within my soul was that controlling life didn’t work, nor did it feel right to me. But powerfully creating it did.

So in order to understand the method of creating as the expression of Source I believe we are all intended to be, I’d have to get my mind, my body, my actions, and my approach to creating my life on board with the distinction between the two.

I’d have to learn a dance between surrender and choice that allowed me to be both the graceful, softened, relaxed-into-the moment follow of the music I was moving to, and the powerful choreographer of the dance I desired to live in now and in the days to come.

It turned out not to be impossible. And, in fact, to lead to something that stretched the magic of my sorceress self into a fine-tuning of creation that has embedded itself in the energetics of my life and business. In the dance with uncertainty, I’ve learned to find stability within my business and my service to the world that holds strong to its core no matter what comes in certain uncertainty. The stability that holds the energetics of my, and my clients’, power as creators through the unstable.

And it’s now time to share with you a few more things I’ve learned that have been part of my how-to course in mastering this practice.

And, frankly, in writing this I’m realizing it’s not just about mastering the dance of uncertainty and choice, but about mastering all of the things in life that seem impossible, but that we recognize the possibility of which holds our power hanging in the balance — rendering our access to the “impossible” integral to our vision.

1. Learn to master time.
When it comes to the creation of that which we most truly desire, time can be a real mind-f%@#. We now know that time is not linear, but a nebulous energy in which everything is happening at once. Yet we still (if we want to be an active member of society) have little choice but to surrender back into the linear aspects of humanity. To call this confusing barely scratches the surface of description.

There is a balance between creating through a timelessness in which everything we could ever desire to create already exists, and in an ever-changing land of choice being a pivotal part of humanity. Though everything we could ever desire has already been created, little will ever exist in our lives until we, ourselves, choose it. Everything you can feel possible inside of you has already been created. And, on another level, you have to choose and believe and trust and choose and choose some more in order to access the fullness of what heart heart knows can be created.

The belief that it takes “hustle” is simply not true. What it takes, instead, is mastery of pulling our creations out from the infinite and already happened field of possibility, and of consciously creating in alignment with choice within your desires in the human realm.

2. Learn to embrace paradox, and master all of the paradoxes in the dance.
If the above is not a paradox that will rock your world until you learn what’s true in between it all, what is? When we get riddled in confusion of the paradox. Or, even worse, we insist upon choosing only one side. And because choosing both seems confusing and impossible, we drastically limit our power in creation.

When we master the power of paradox (meaning, the opposing truths that exist inside of all aspects of the human experience and our power as creators), our mastery of our power is more than double — it becomes exponential.

With mastery of each possible paradox, we gain access to a form of creatorship known only of and within the infinite.
With one side of truth, we become capable humans. With infinite access within the paradoxes of life, we become infinite, powerful, superhuman leaders.

3. Mastery cannot be “learned”, but, instead, must become embodied.
Uncertainty makes the body anxious and on edge, often before we even know its happening. And nothing can be “learned” to reduce anxiousness, nor to increase stability in the flow of life. Instead, it must be created from within, between the programming of the body, the programming of the mind, and the connection the two have to each other — and to the soul of you that is already infinite.

We can say we’re allowing, but we’re not actually allowing until our body is open and letting everything flow through it.

We can say we’re open, but we’re not actually open until our bodies and our minds have learned to love everything that happens and exists and arises with the softness that is love in action.

With paradox, I’ve learned that the middle ground — the absolute truth that exists in between two things in humanity that are true, but conflicting — lies not in the mind, nor in our actions alone.

Yes, it’s what we believe. And yes, we must confront our beliefs. But shifting them lies not in the mind, but in the realm of that infinite space in between the paradox of body and mind.

And yes, it’s what we feel. But accessing feelings of things like uncertainty, creation, and all forms of balancing surrender and choice requires a capacity to open to the infinite space within the mind and the body intertwined.

Finding the middle ground where both truths of a paradox are embodied as one infinite truth requires an embodiment — which is an intersection of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

It requires that we look beyond learning and to the infinite space within the cells of our makeup for transformation that exists on a cellular level, and plays out into how we automatically show up, not what we “know”.

And though following and trusting in the uncertainty of the music being played as the soundtrack of your life, and becoming the powerful choreographer of the dance with grace, ease, and flow, requires a relationship with uncertainty that does take courage and capacity for transformation — I’m not going to stop today with just what I’ve shared!

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Why Leadership is Dying

Why Leadership is Dying

When I was a little girl I fought tooth and nail for what was right.

I was the kid who spoke up (sometimes even shouted) in the classroom when the teacher didn’t treat all kids with the respect and love they deserved.

I was the kid on the playground who wouldn’t stand for unfair treatment or abandonment of anyone.

I was the child in my family who argued with my well-meaning parents (and other unsuspecting adults) every time they attempted to squelch the self-expression of myself or my siblings.

In Middle School, they called me “nice person” because took a stand for everyone as equals. I was the kid you couldn’t fit into any particular box because I had friends in each one.

In Graduate School, I quickly went from the wunderkind for whom my professors expected fame, to the black sheep that my professors despised for her unwavering ethics.

But then it all changed. In my 13-year career as a social worker and bilingual teacher I found that helping people was less about standing up for people; and more about giving people permission to access their own wisdom to stand powerfully for themselves. And in my last 11 years as an entrepreneur, CEO, and leader of leaders I’ve deepened in humility as I’ve grown to recognize that I and my company are not growing unless all of us get to grow with it. My team, my clients, my partners — if we’re not all becoming more powerful, my company isn’t aligned with the truth of power itself.

It’s simply not enough to stand for the change we can see possible and to try to get people to
“drink the kool-aid” about what we know needs to change. Shaking the world to wake it up doesn’t work if those around us aren’t waking up to their own truth alongside ours.  Overcoming a fear of our power means overcoming a fear of the power of others, as well.
Deep down we’re afraid that power leads to an unlevel playing field. We fear that when people step into their power they won’t need us any longer. We fear abandonment of the support systems we count on.

When we choose to see everyone as powerful, however, our fears are given permission to transform.

Restoring people to their true power creates allies in change.

And restoring people to their innate wisdom — the first outcome of restoring people to their power — takes problems and creates immediate openings for solutions.

Creating change requires stepping back from the need to be seen in our own wisdom, and empowering others into theirs.

Creating change means letting leadership die, and something new take over.

The way I used to fight for others as a kid is no longer necessary, because now others are beginning to understand it’s safe for them to do the same (yes, not all of the world quite yet, but this is the trajectory we’re on and we’re not getting off of it anytime soon).

Leadership is dying because the innate wisdom of one cannot support the needs and fulfillment of many. Our needs and that deeper sense of fulfillment in our goals are only met when we each own the wisdom within ourselves and are given the opportunity to use it.

Leadership is dying because the guru-mentality has been cracked open and we can no longer lead with our fears or need to be seen.

Instead of leading with how much we know, we’re learning to lead with how much we don’t know.  Leadership is dying because our egos can no longer stand at the helm of the ship. Our contributions have gotten bigger. The visibility of the suffering on the planet has become so obvious we can’t ignore it any longer. And scalability now has little to do with our ego’s wants, and a lot more to do with what the planet and its people require of us.

Those who choose not to see this are still welcome to play it safe with the old context of leadership. But for those of us who choose to see where the planet is headed and play a role in it, we cannot cling to the old paradigm of leadership any longer.

To make an impact of this size, we’re now required to learn how to channel the strength of the cosmos in order to scale our companies.

To “lead” today, each of us must hone our unique capacity to connect the dots between the physical and energetic worlds. And because of the uniqueness of the capacity to do this within each and every one of us, there can be many leaders to one process, rendering leadership itself — dead.

Death, however, does not happen to create emptiness or confusion. Death happens so that new life can come through. In the death of leadership,  we are finding something new.

Leadership is dying so that facilitation can take over.

No matter what form our work takes on, we must learn to continually empty ourselves out so that the unique version of wisdom that wants to move through us can lead us.
We learn to co-create with that wisdom that both is, and is not of us, to create pathways that allow us all to be leaders — exponentializing the capacity we and our companies have to create shifts.

We learn to facilitate the process of those who are counting on our unique wisdom, to support them in the catalyzation of theirs.

We learn to proudly cultivate and own up to the truth that if we claimed to have all the answers, we’d be lying. Instead, we agree to cultivate our own power and wisdom so that together we can help those in our field cultivate theirs.

With facilitation, we learn that the wisdom of one person does not discount the wisdom of another, but build each other up.

With facilitation, we learn to open to the process itself and allow it to show us what we wouldn’t be able to see on our own.

A leader can command people to see them. But a facilitator can command people to see themselves.

And to cultivate the shift of an entire paradigm, it has to be about them, not about us.

Clearing the Reputation to Give Magic the Honor It Deserves

Clearing the Reputation to Give Magic the Honor It Deserves

A few weeks ago, I talked about the abandonment process I had to go through in my love of words in order to come home to the deeper truth within why words were so important to me — the feelings words bring and the capacity they have to support us in powerfully creating our lives through feeling.

But for years, there’s been one single word that I couldn’t wrap myself around the feeling of. It’s a word I loved to use, but hated hearing other people use in association with me.

Though I felt the disconnect for years, I only developed the awareness to explain why very recently.

It took years of healing work and years of exploration and cultivation of what the word meant to me before I was able to wrap my mind around, and subsequently get past, the disdain that the the word used in association with me brought up within me.

Paradoxically, it’s perhaps the word most commonly associated with the infinite version of me — the sorceress.

That word is MAGIC.

And here’s why:

To me, magic was always something that couldn’t be created by trying. It didn’t involve effort or magic wands or egotistical intentions. It wasn’t something I would ever consider using to get what I want. Rather, it was something that already existed both outside of and within me — and when something was truly in my highest, I had simply but to align with it.

When we have a knowing deep within us that we’re meant to bring to the planet, we have layers of protection we’ve placed upon it in order to cultivate it within ourselves first — armor that feels like resistance until it’s removed.

My sensitivity towards the word pointed out aspects of the typical perception of the “sorcerer” that felt like nails on a chalkboard to me — perceptions that I knew I was here to help people shift, in order to embody the true leadership potential of the actual sorcerers they had the capacity to be.

90% of the time I heard people use the word, it carried connotations of subtle fear-based thinking. It smelled of the kind of “sorcery” practiced only by people who were controlled by deep animal-instinct fears of believing they are separate — separate from others, and separate from that very same Source energy they’re calling upon to make magic.

This kind of “sorcery” was similar to a kid in a science lab conjuring up potions to make someone love them or get what it is they think they want. And though humans do have the capacity to conjure up said form of “magic,” it will lead to even less fulfillment than where we started. Heck, look at most people out there teaching “Law of Attraction” and how little anything they teach has to do with a deeper sense of contribution to the planet.

I’ve never had any interest in that kind of magic. To me, it’s not even magic — it’s manipulation that will lead to the very same emptiness inside from which it began.

True magic is always present. It’s what lies in the pure possibility of Source energy.

And Source is everything — which means that everything contains magic.

Magic comes in the honoring of the beauty and love within everything. And we become capable of consciously creating magic only when we align with that love.

Creating magic is like a lightning rod. We — our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our spirits — need only to become the love that is in the heart of the magic, and it comes to us.

It’s not disconnecting from the body to conjure up something outside of it. It’s stepping into the body to return to the home inside of the self and allow the love to flow in.

We don’t need magic wands or potions or spells. We need only love. And because we are love, the only time magic ever evades us is when we forget that.

The kind of manipulation implied within the common use of the word magic comes from a lack of trust in the greater energy that runs through everything, and a lack of love for the the self that represents that greater energy.

We use “magic” to manipulate because we’re scared we won’t receive the love we crave. When we remember we are the love we crave, magic becomes an automatic part of the human experience.

This does not mean that consciously asking for the magic to come to us, in and of itself, is manipulative. One of the core beauties and purposes of humanity is to experience the power we have in creating.

True expression of that power comes through a sense of purpose that guides us to the magic and what’s required of us to consciously create it, as well as the surrender required to receive the magic that’s already there waiting for us.

The line between magic as manipulation and magic as pure integrity of love lies within us. And when we choose to trust in Source to lead us back home to ourselves, our power as creators becomes akin to the force of nature we intuitively knew from a very young age we were born to be.

When we recognize that magic is not manipulation, but that it is simply a way love takes form, the need for spells and magic wands dissolves. Magic takes over and shows us the way to all we could ever desire in our experience.

Abandoning Our Gifts to Find Deeper Meaning in Them

Abandoning Our Gifts to Find Deeper Meaning in Them

Ever since learning how to string together a sentence, I’ve loved words. They were my favorite art form, with meaning, inflection and expression infused into each syllable. I loved writing, I loved speaking, and I loved learning new languages. The feeling of words as they rolled off my tongue to communicate what was in my heart — there was always something about tapping into the vastness of possibility in choosing my expression precisely to convey my feeling that was deeply fulfilling for me.

As I grew older, something changed. I heard others question them, remarking on how much we as humans rely on them, and getting frustrated over questioning their semantics. I realized that overthinking, and therefore talking about things beyond true necessity, was actually a downfall I wanted to get past. I never stopped loving words, but I did begin to question their importance.

In that curiosity and questioning, I began to notice how often words are used as fillers, distracting from the truth of an experience. They’re often thrown around meaninglessly, but trying too hard to make meaning of things only brought people suffering.

And so I allowed this element of myself — this aspect of my creativity and self expression that I felt in my core — to be questioned, even abandoned while I found my truth. Because sometimes we have to let go of the need we thought we had for something to discover whether it’s actually a part of our ego or our essence.

But we can’t ever actually abandon our gifts… because our gifts never abandon us.

Even during the times we are called to question them, we’re actually doing so to find deeper elements of truth within where or how they run through us — they never actually leave us. In fact, something interesting can happen when we start to let these gifts go.

Because I allowed myself to open to the possibility that this passion might actually be a part of my ego ready to release, I gave myself permission to find new elements of truth. In the opening that occurs when we let something go entirely, we’re able to allow in possibility we wouldn’t be able to see were we to cling onto it tightly.

In this examination and excavation, I found a new relationship with words. In many ways, it was one I’d had all along — but I was now able to see the truth underneath why I’d been coveting them, giving me new capacity to use them only when necessary and for the purpose that carried an expression that was more true to my divine nature, to who I desired to be.

I found that my love was less about the words themselves and more about the feeling infused in each word and the capacity they bring me to express myself fully and clearly.

Words allow us to powerfully create the world we desire to live in through that feeling in expression. They allow us to bring more feeling to each other and the moments we share together. They gift others with a capacity to feel within their bodies, where they may have been previously numb.

We are on this planet to express, to create, to know ourselves as Source.

For me, the most profound channel with which to do these things is feeling — and words enhance, cultivate, and expand what’s possible not only in our feeling nature, but in the art we can make with our feelings. Crafting a feeling into words is like taking the expansive nature of feeling inside myself and finger painting them up against a wall that people can take in the experience of, one stroke at a time.

Instead of it being semantics to question the use of a particular word, I see it as attuning ourselves to the conscious choice of what we desire to feel, and what we desire others to feel in our expression.

Had I clung onto my need to be validated in my love of words, unwilling to let go of the possibility they may not be my truest expression, I would not have found this new capacity in expressing them.

Questioning what was true for me brought me back to an original love, and it also shined light on other gifts I enjoyed expressing. It also brought me around full circle to having more respect for the various elements of what makes me, me.

When we’re forced to question what was once important to us, the root of what’s important doesn’t disappear. It remains within the deepest fibers of our being because the true threads of our soul can’t be taken away from us no matter what we choose. In questioning the aspects of them that were simply “personality” or ego, we are given the opportunity to release the padding and the dust around our gifts and our passions — the elements that were never really us.

What is left over at the end of the excavation process is not only a better representation of our true gifts and passions, but also a newfound integration of who we really are.

And it is the integration of our gifts — how they dance together in and as our true expression — that holds many people back from living their truest purpose. Whenever I hear people say that they’re challenged by having so many passions they don’t know where to begin on their path of purpose, it is the integration of them that screams out to me as what they haven’t yet found.

Our gifts are rarely meant to be used in isolation. They want to dance together to make up the conglomeration of expression that is us, individually, in our true nature. And when our gifts have the opportunity to find their next-deepest expression, we may find that place where everything that’s ever been important to us comes together to show us the tapestry of the infinite version of ourselves we’ve always felt deep down.

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Why Traveling Is the Best Thing an Empath Can Do

Why Traveling Is the Best Thing an Empath Can Do

In my last blog post, I shared one of the biggest myths floating around about being a sensitive being who absorbs the feelings of those around them. Because of this myth, sensitive beings around the world have been taught to hold back. We have been instructed to play small. We have been guided to abandon our true nature out of a fear that if we don’t play it safe, we’ll live a life of constant overwhelm from our surroundings. We have been taught that overwhelm is simply a part of our true nature and we have to suck it up and deal with it.

The true nature of the empath, however, is one that desires a full embodiment of the power we can feel inside, and a complete expression of it in the world.

And we cannot be the true expression of our power when we are hiding from the world.

So what if instead of hiding from the world, we sensitive beings were to do the opposite, and actually run toward it?

I have been traveling full-time for the last 3.5 years, and travel has been the biggest key to healing and embracing my power that I have ever found.

When I first began my travels, I had already done a LOT of work on myself. In well over a decade of deep spiritual and self-development work, I had gone deeper than deep (or so I’d thought). But my travels taught me so much more than I could have learned by staying in one place… so much more than I could have ever realized I needed to learn or grow.

I have had incidents in airports that have rocked my world, but with each one I have come out feeling more powerful and fully expressed. I have experienced cultural frustrations that felt draining, but with each one I have come to the other side of feeling more connected to myself and every individual I meet throughout the world than I ever knew possible. I have felt the fear of uncertainty around my own safety, but each time, I have found more of what safety truly means within myself.

I have hit road blocks, challenges, exhaustion, overwhelm, and frustration. And I have come out the other side feeling free, full of exponential energy, and able to handle anything within this world and this cray-mazing life.

Traveling shined the light on the many fears that were hidden within the cracks and crevices of my psyche and the deep imprinting from lifetimes of having my power oppressed. But most importantly, it showed me where I was still keeping that fear, shame, sadness, repression, and all other supposedly painful emotions buried deeply within me.

And, in confronting the feelings that only a new land could bring, I discovered that pain was anything but. I found an ecstasy in the feeling itself that my travels helped to lovingly and courageously trigger.

When I would arrive in a new land, I would experience new things — including the history, the culture, and the pain of that land. As an empath, I was told by many that I just needed to learn to protect myself better. I was given advice on all sorts of methods to protect my energy field so that I wouldn’t absorb the pain of the land around me.

But I knew that wasn’t the answer. I knew that every ounce of pain I could feel externally could only enter me because it was already within me on some level.

And so I began to see my travels as an opportunity not only to explore, not only to experience new people and places, but to experience aspects of myself I wouldn’t have been able to find elsewhere — experiences that the land and its people were wanting to bring out in me, allowing hidden aspects of me to be seen.

I learned to receive every new situation and circumstance as my teacher.

From the frustratingly slow service in Brazil that always made me late for work, to the shame of Catholicism in Italy, to the uncertainty and fear of Morocco, and beyond. Each land brought me to my knees with a new experience of myself, a new experience of my humanity that was ready to be birthed, and a newfound lightness of being that I could never have experienced by staying home in the same place.

If we “play it safe” and keep to what we know in isolation, we as sensitive beings are depriving ourselves of the opportunity for our sensitivity to work the magic it is intended to have. It wants to grow us. It wants us to feel deeply, so that we can re-imprint the cells in our minds and bodies to restore the knowing of our true power.

Early on in my travels, I couldn’t get off an airplane without feeling overwhelmed by the energy I took on and I couldn’t get on an NYC subway without bursting into tears afterward.

Now, places like airplanes, subways, and busy cities like Manhattan feel like a simple playground of magic and comfort. Now, I can live in cities with high levels of danger and human conflict, and feel safe, grounded, and at home. And, most importantly, I have found a magic within the wholeness in my own being that doesn’t get rocked by the external world.

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The Myth of Being an Empath (and Your True Calling)

The Myth of Being an Empath (and Your True Calling)

I used to absorb the energy and emotions of everything around me. I mean everything. I couldn’t be inside of a mall, a concert, a subway, or a busy street without feeling at least a bit overwhelmed. I remember living in San Francisco and having to take the train to work every day, and arriving at work already feeling worn out and exhausted from all of the energy on the train car.

Now, I can go into the busiest place, even inside of the strangest neighborhood, and feel simply like myself. I can spend hours in a crowded space, with people I wouldn’t normally engage with, and come out feeling grounded, whole, and in love with life.

I hear people in the world of self-development and spirituality talk about the need to “protect” oneself. Recommendations for staying clear of outside energies, judgment, fear, etc. run rampant on social media channels and coming from the mouths of various spiritual leaders and self-development junkies.

I actually believe all humans are empaths if we become fully aware of our feelings. We all have the capacity to feel, we are all ultimately one, and it’s inevitable that we will all be able to feel the feelings of others. And, as someone who has been deemed by many previous mentors and guides as one of the most sensitive people they have ever met, I really get how this need to protect oneself can feel necessary.

But now that I’m beyond the woes of my sensitivities — now that my days are filled with harmony and joy, and my feelings are only my own, I can say that the nature of protecting oneself is quite contrary to what most empaths actually need.

Though it may be a fabulous band-aid (and I agree that, when in a place of desperation, a band-aid method is far better than nothing), for anyone who desires to find an ultimate peace in their empathic nature — to use their ability to feel as a gift and not a curse — the greatness of possibility lies far beyond protection mechanisms.

The greatness lies in doing exactly the opposite of what most empaths are inclined to do.

The key to overcoming the challenges of absorbing everything around us is not to hide from those challenges, or to protect ourselves from them. It’s to come to the root of the challenge itself.

We are given challenges because there is something in that challenge that, when integrated, will guide us to become a more powerful being. And, as empaths, the same goes for the challenges of the feelings around us.

As a planet, we are on a precipice of change. We are ready to peel back the veils of illusion, and as empaths, we have the capacity to guide and lead this world into that change — but in order to do so, we must be willing to show up to the face of the pain and find the truth within it.

Most empaths run from environments where change is most needed because it seems too painful, too dark, too scary. But it’s our opportunity, if not calling, to stay — to stay and integrate any appearance of darkness.

As empaths, we have the capacity to identify where pain exists on this planet, and support it into becoming light. But in order to do so, we must integrate the pain within ourselves first. Once we’ve done that, we can stand by the pain of the world with loving eyes and guide it into the love we’ve found within ourselves.

And because our sensitivities have led us to more cracks and crevices of pain, once it’s integrated, we will be able to carry oceans of love within us.

Therefore, it is not a matter of avoiding the negative in order to stay positive.

It is a matter of recognizing that underneath all that appears negative, there is something within us that’s viewing it as negative, ready to shift. When we integrate the darkness within us into the light it wants to be, we learn that nothing was ever actually negative — it was simply our fear of it that perceived it as negative.

Imagine how much light would exist in each of our own individual worlds if we were to integrate everything we fear into love? Imagine the lightness. Imagine the possibility.

As empaths, it is our responsibility to get out there. It is our responsibility NOT to shut down the feeling we are picking up from our surroundings. It is our responsibility to get out into the world and allow ourselves to pick up what we can feel from others, and to use it to shine additional light on the cracks and crevices within our own beings where there is still more darkness ready to be integrated.

If all of the sensitive beings in the world were to recognize the power they have to heal themselves through their ability to feel the rest of the world, we would have a massive army of beings on this planet who are ready to hold the space of light in the face of darkness, and transform it.

Though it seemed like more work at first, choosing the path of integrating the resonance of everything I could feel outside of me quickly became worth it, not only for the army of light I could feel myself becoming a part of, but selfishly, even for myself. The lightness of being I have found has far outweighed any moment where I played it safe by guarding myself in my earlier empathic days.

Which will you choose?

Stay tuned for part two of this story, where I share my favorite tool to transform our sensitive nature from a challenge into a gift.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out the Embrace Your Darkness challenge – a 5-day journey into celebrating all of you and deepening the gift of your empathic nature so you can join this army of light. The world is ready for you!