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How to Define Vision and Purpose for Yourself

Do you feel called to a vision… but part of you wonders what that even means? Do you hear people use the word “purpose” and wonder if they’re throwing it around aimlessly? Are these words overused… or are they an intrinsic part of each of us? Video below👇🏼


How to Save More Time (In the Most Unexpected Way)

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Does it feel like life gets in the way and then time just slips through your fingers, and you don’t know where it went or how to get it back?


How to be Present (Through Not Being Present)

There’s a key to being more present that you won’t lose when you get rattled. It’s a way to be more present that’ll stick with you consistently. Today, I’m going to show you a practice that you can do to become increasingly and consistently present.


The Medicine of Discomfort

A few weeks ago I awoke to a feeling that something was off… I got out of bed for my morning practice, and the curiosity


3 Ways to Get the Magic Powers You Were Always Intended to Have

I recall the moment when my older brother was in the attic playing on the Ouija board with his friends. And BAM there was an explosion.

Needless to say my mother, and all of us in the home, were frightened.

How did they get those magic powers to cause that?! Or were they just playing a joke on my mom? The latter is the far more likely, knowing my clown of a brother.

Bad joke, dear brother.

I didn’t really understand what was so strange about asking ourselves how to get magic powers as a form of play. Something felt off, but I didn’t know why… And now, it all makes sense to me.

Does magic really exist in the world? Is magic real? Does it work?


What Dance Taught Me About Life

There’s nothing like it. The feeling of floating across the dance floor, my feet intricately stepping in the moment of one undulating beat after another,


Why It’s Okay to Lose Faith

This week in Sorcerer School we’re working with finding faith. And so inevitably, as Sorcerer School has had a way of doing with me over


The Magical Side of Self-Sabotage

Have you ever seen that innocent face a child makes when they feel guilty about something? If you’re a parent, it’s probably a look you


Why You NEED Self-Compassion for Growth

Remember the last time you reacted to making a mistake with compassion? You gave gentle understanding to yourself. You spoke calmly and problem-solved inwardly, without


How to Feel Confident in the Unknown

One feverish, sweaty night. Two hours of sleep. A racing mind, heart and body that, despite physical and emotional exhaustion, won’t let me sleep. When


What We Mean by the Word “Sorcerer”

Let’s talk about the word “sorcerer” – I know the normal typical associations this word comes with. Mythical books. Harry Potter. Magic wand. Gandalf. Unicorns.


The Eyes of a Child

On some level you’ve always known. There are certain things about the world, certain things about yourself, and certain things about your role in the


Why I Ride Sharks for Fun

I have long believed that our biggest fears are that which we most need to conquer in this lifetime. If we are here to grow,


Why I Love to See Men Cry

There is a lot of buzz these days about masculine and feminine. We’re seeking a truth in polarity; a truth in gender; a truth in who


Is It an Epidemic?

I’ve been really present this week to a fear many of us are battling; a weight on us that’s keeping us from shining our light.


Why Willpower is Bullshit

I do plenty of things because I know they are good for me, or because they are important for my career. I occasionally choose the


Are You Sure You’re Not a Bully?

Bullies are so often viewed as the “bad guys” in schools, the workplace, and now that it’s more prevalent in our society, it seems to


If You Spot it, You Got it

There are certain parts of becoming more self aware that, well, suck. Really, it’s that way with a lot of things that are good for


You Are Your Own Magic 8 Ball

I often get questions from people who seem to think I have all the answers. And while I appreciate the accolades, it’s simply not true.


But Fear Itself…

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” ~Winston Churchill Far be it from me to discount this famous quote from a brilliant man, but