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“How to Get Results Using Conscious Leadership”

Choosing to be a Courageous Leader in Moments of Chaos

Hey guys, Jordanna Eyre here from Modern Day Sorcerer. What is “Modern Day Sorcerer” you may be asking? It’s not about witchcraft and definitely not about magic wands 🧙‍♂️ Modern Day Sorcerer is a space for conscious leaders who are ready to become a force of clear and calm direction in today’s turbulent times who …

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How to Practice Deep Self-Development on a Busy Schedule

All right, so you know, I decided to make this blog because I actually don’t believe that doing lots of deep inner work and really having personal or self development lead the way and pave the way for you as a leader needs to be something that takes up tons and tons and tons of …

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How I Still Get Work Done While Staying Committed to Personal Growth

Hi Jordanna Eyre from Modern Day Sorcerer here! I just wanted to come on real quick today and share how I still get work done, like how to take lots and lots and lots of action and get a lot done when you’re also really committed to your growth. Because the thing is is that …

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What is the Concept of a Modern Day Sorcerer?

People ask me very frequently what I’m referring to by my use of the word sorcerer or sorceress. If you were to get on Google and research the word, you’re going to find a whole plethora of ideas and concepts about what we’ve been taught the word means, and I actually have it that those are completely myths. And so today we’re going to dispel the three primary myths of the word sorcerer, and what I’m referring to when I use the word.

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Changemakers: Are You Making This BIG Mistake

I want to talk today about a very common downfall that I see happen with those of you who are trying to create change. And it might be change in a company culture. It could be change in your home or your family. It could be change in something in society that you’d like to …

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How to Define Vision and Purpose for Yourself

Do you feel called to a vision… but part of you wonders what that even means? Do you hear people use the word “purpose” and wonder if they’re throwing it around aimlessly? Are these words overused… or are they an intrinsic part of each of us? Come hang with me as I describe my take …

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