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Choice is something that comes up a lot in my work. How do we know what the right choices are for us? How do we determine what clarity in those choices really means? What I’m finding lately is that the more important part of “choice” is what you do after you make the choice. Sure, clarity is important. But who we’re BEING in our choices once they’re made: just as, if not more important than what we choose itself.

You see, if we choose something, but remain stuck back in the other choices, it’s almost as if the choice was never made. Let me give you an example. I love to spend outdoors feeling free and adventurous. So the choice to spend my time working on an array of projects versus head outside to surf, hike, run, etc. often arises for me. And sometimes, even though I feel pulled very clearly in one direction, I resist the pull, because I’m fearful that I won’t be able to grow my business. Silly, because if I stay back to “grow my business”, but all I’m really thinking about is the waves or the sunshine, I’m not really present to the service and transformation that IS my business. How can I really serve if I’m not present to my gifts and love for what I do? And it often works in reverse, as well. Sometimes I do choose to head outdoors, and then find myself in nature thinking about all I have to “do” back in the office. This completely throws me out of my ability to BE expansive and free, which is the whole reason I felt called to get outdoors in the first place. Totally counterproductive and silly, huh?

So what I’m suggesting is that when you choose, you focus more on your ability to BE in the choice, than the choice itself. It’s the letting go of the other choices and becoming present in what’s there for you now that allows the energy of the choice itself to flow into the goodness that had you choosing it in the first place. So just choose something, and rock it fully.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what allows YOU to be fully present in the choices you make. So leave your comments below. And let’s start rocking the “being” of our choices!

In joy,

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