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How To Thrive As A Leader In The Face Of Ever-Increasing Pressure…

Hey guys, Jordanna Eyre here from Modern Day Sorcerer.

What is “Modern Day Sorcerer” you may be asking?
It’s not about witchcraft and definitely not about magic wands 🧙‍♂️

Modern Day Sorcerer is a space for conscious leaders who are ready to
become a force of clear and calm direction in today’s
turbulent times who are ready to lead a bigger conversation.

And this video, I’m going to be sharing three steps to stay consistently connected
to yourself and your mission in times of chaos.

All right, so let’s dive in.

You know the concept of chaos.

So when we’re talking about staying consistently connected to yourself and your mission
in times of chaos, the problem with chaos isn’t that chaos exists, right?It’s how we respond to it.

This is something we work on a lot in Sorcerer School
because leadership, like really choosing to be a leader, whether your vision
has chosen you or whether you have chosen it, choosing to be a leader is really a choice of courage.

So we’re choosing to be courageous in these moments of chaos.

So let’s move into now three steps to be consistently connected to yourself and,
and to your mission during times of chaos.

So the first piece is to take total like complete and total responsibility for your life as a reflection.

And I want to put a caveat in this piece because a lot of people talk about
taking responsibility like, “Oh, you’re the co-creator of your life. You’re the creator of your life.”

We want to caution that, because as leaders it’s really important to relate to
each and every person out there from a space of their humanity.

And you know what they are moving through being important.

And so yes, it’s important to take responsibility for your life as a reflection.

And if we walk around telling people you create everything, we could actually end up victimizing people.

So just to be very, very clear on that, and your life is ultimately a reflection of what’s going on inside of you,

meaning that you have a choice in how you respond,
the way life happens, and if something rattles you, if, if something rocks you,
that first step is to develop a practice of finding the reflection of that which is rattling or rocking you inside of yourself.

So where is it reflecting in you?

Step number two is to know what you’re feeling and learn how to process your feelings.

You know, I believe that emotional intelligence or emotional IQ is truly one of
the most important things you can develop in, in your role as a leader.

So learning what you’re feeling, like learning to develop presence in what you’re feeling and learning how to process those feelings, what will happen when you develop that awareness and that practice is you’ll be able to take the piece from step number one, that that knowing the reflection of everything within yourself, knowing how chaos and the way that you’re responding to the chaos is really just a reflection of something that’s going on in you.

From there, knowing what you’re feeling will give you a subtlety of sensation of what that really means.

And learning how to process your feelings or emotions will help you to shift the reflection that’s showing up and actually like dissolve it from within.

So then that leads us into step number three, which is to learn the art of alchemy.

Now what alchemy is, is turning one form of matter into another form of matter.

In Sorcerer School we do a lot, lot, lot of work with DNA level transformation and learning how to transform the cells in your body, how to transform your DNA.

And the art of alchemy and DNA level transformation are closely related.

Alright. Now, all of these steps that we’re working with today, they all connect from one to another.

So once you’ve learned to develop a practice of taking responsibility for your life as a reflection,
and then once you’ve learned to number two, really developing that awareness
of your own emotions and what you’re feeling and how to process your emotions,
that will also teach you how to alchemize.

So learning the art of alchemy is really important.

How to shift the matter of the way chaos is showing up so that what develops inside of you is presence.

Now we’re not doing this from a forced space.

We’re not manipulating presence inside of ourselves.

Instead we’re responding to the chaos. The invitation is to respond to the chaos and find where you are not present inside of you and to shift it.

So let me go through these steps again and to, to find that visceral sensation of the practice.

So you can even do this with me. So step number one, chaos is happening around you, right?

Let’s say that there’s something going on in the world and it feels chaotic and maybe you as a leader are having trouble just staying really, really present and connected to yourself or to your mission, right?

So chaos around you.

Step number one, take responsibility for the reflection within yourself.

So, what I would do in that moment is to go inside of myself and say, okay,
it feels chaotic.

I’m experiencing that chaos inside of myself. I feel rattled. I feel out of balance.

What in me is a reflection of that?

Now this may be a really simple practice that bam, you get the message, you get the guidance from right away, or it might be something that takes a little bit longer to develop and become aware of the reflection, right? Once you have that reflection, then number two is to get to know your feelings and learn to process your feelings.

So all right, chaos going around me going on around me.

Where in me is the reflection of that?

Ooh, I feel my heart palpitating or Ooh, I am in the experience of frustration around that.

If I can learn to flow that frustration, it will dissolve, which leads us to step number three,
learn the art of alchemy.

So now I’m slowing the frustration.

I recognize my frustration,

I’m learning to process it. I flow it, I let it dissolve and then guess what?

No more frustration inside of my body.

Now I’m present and peaceful and back connected to me and I can be present and the chaos is still going on around me, but now I am present and I am a more powerful leader for my mission.

Got it?

So that is simple, simple three step process.

So let’s recap how to stay completely connected to yourself and your mission in times of chaos.

Step number one is to take responsibility for the reflection of everything that’s going on around you, inside of yourself.

Number two is to learn to know what you’re feeling and process your feelings.

And step number three is to learn the art of alchemy.

All right, well, if you want to be part of this conversation, I’d love for you to join me
over in my Facebook group, The Modern Day Sorcerer Community.

I’m going to put a link to that below and if you want to know more about Sorcerer School, come talk to me,

Send me a direct message and we’ll chat.

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre

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Today's leaders need to find the fierceness of Gandhi, the perseverance of Mandela, & the equanimity of a Buddha...without meditating for years on a mountaintop.

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