They say business is just business . . .

But you know the evolution of a successful &
profitable business is much more than just

When you began building your company, you had all the fundamentals of business down. However, now that you’ve got your company up and running, you notice a few missing pieces.

Business school was great for teaching you the basics, but it left out…

  • How to connect to the deeper elements of your soul’s purpose.
  • How to be completely, authentically YOU while you’re running your company.
  • How to utilize feelings (because let’s face it, everyone has them) as a strength and strategy for happy employees & high profits.
  • How to give your employees room to be completely, authentically THEM, while still being productive and continuing to drink the company “kool aid”.
  • How to allow your spiritual beliefs to be a part of how you run your company without looking like you’re crazy.
It’s undeniably obvious: the path of your business & the journey of your soul are becoming intertwined.
You know you can no longer separate the two, but are baffled as to how all of those ‘divine truths’ (that you are now beginning to understand, really) can be intertwined in your company in a way that it remains the well-oiled machine it is (or you’d like it to be).
It’s time. You and your company are ready for the magic to unfold. But what does that mean?

I’ll give you a sneak preview of what your company could look like:

  • Intuition and pragmatic business strategy are combined to create more magic, profits, and growth.
  • Your company and its departments are an intentional ‘container’ where goals become intentions that come to fruition with ease.
  • Integrity and transparency become integral parts of your company’s culture and mission – enhancing everything including your customers’ experience, employee happiness and profit increase.
  • Create a company culture where self-expression and feelings are honored for each individual (or employee) in a way that cultivates individual AND company growth.
  • You begin to understand it’s all just energy. And know it’s time to infuse that knowing into the vibration of your business…
Better yet, turn that knowing into a more joyful workplace with low turnover and high profits.
Ready to infuse business & profit with integrity & intuition? There are many ways we can work together, so dive in!
Better yet, turn that knowing into a more joyful workplace with low turnover and high profits.
Ready to infuse business & profit with integrity & intuition? There are many ways we can work together, so dive in!


You + me + deep work to open you up to being the most powerful, in-tune, connected, loving, magical leader you can be.


I work with a handful of leaders important to the trajectory of your company’s mission, training them to carry out the values to the rest of the company.


You and I create a plan to infuse these values in your company. It’s a combination of me training you to lead your company into the magic + me coming in to on an company wide and/or department level.
How long will we work together?

The actual amount of time will vary depending on what you and your company need, and how long it will take to achieve those results. Because the work we will do together is about giving you and your company the ‘reins’ to this form of transformation in the long-run, I am very careful to create time-agreements with my clients that are long enough to create the appropriate container for the growth, without lingering in the work for longer than necessary.

If you’re desiring an exact time length of time – our work together will range between 3-12 months.

What will the scope of our work together look like?

Depending specifically on what you or other leaders in your company need: together, we’ll create an environment for the deepest shifts you’re desiring to see in your company. This can manifest in the form of hands on and/or lecture workshops, one-on-one, or group work to further transform your already existing leadership skills. All of the choices in what the actual work looks like is made based upon my broad arsenal of tools, my intuitive awareness of what you or your company need, and an ability that I have to see how each person best approaches their desired growth.

You will also have an active role in the co-creativity of our relationship and an ability to make requests for specific needs.

What can I expect to get at the end of our work together?
At the end of our work together you can expect to get both the agreed upon growth and shifts within you and your company, as well as a deeper sense of awareness of yourself as you continue to grow, and ability to assess the dynamics of your company as it continues to grow. No matter what specific shifts we have been working on for you or your company, I can guarantee a greater sense of mission and purpose in your work, a drastic shift in your ability to know what’s true for you and your company and take a stand for it lovingly, and an increase in satisfaction with all areas of your life.
Will I make more money with you?

The short answer is yes. How that will happen, however, may be different than what you may initially be able to perceive. The how also depends upon the size of your company or organization, its mission, and what specific goals of transformation we’re working on.
My clients with larger scale companies tend to see the increase in money come from increased employee satisfaction and productivity, reduced turnover, and a restoration of alignment with the company’s mission that can bring in increased revenue. My clients with smaller companies tend to see an improved sense of flow within how and when their company makes money, increasing their overall revenues, as well as client/customer satisfaction.

How will my company benefit from this?
In addition to the increase in revenues discussed above, my clients also tend to see a drastic change in their wants and desires for their company (i.e. how employees or team interacts, how you or employees relate with customers or clients, etc.) actually becoming a reality. An overall improvement in communication, in motivation, in productivity, and in customer or client satisfaction are also common benefits my clients’ companies have received.