Don’t You Know How Beautiful You Are?

I have entire days that feel like Christmas on a regular basis. Without the eggnog, the tree, the gifts, and the caroling. Oh yeah, and I’m technically Jewish. So how is that possible? Well, my regularly scheduled Christmas comes from my work. Especially when I’m with clients, I get the feeling that gifts abound, the blessings are continuously flowing in, and truth in oneness is all that exists. I would say that I’m just lucky to be a life coach, but I don’t believe that this feeling is void of other environments or people. I simply get to see the truth in people. I am the one they open up to – the one they tell all of their feelings, thoughts, and truths to, the one they tell the things they think they cannot tell anyone else, and the one that gets to witness the triumph of human spirit as people rise above what they believe themselves to be, to see who they truly are.

And it is because I get to see it ALL that I can tell you, without a doubt, you are truly beautiful. When you’re exhibiting the behaviors you want to shift, AND when you’re being the essence of you. Either way, I promise that beauty is all there is.

You see, behind the junk that we all carry around, and the crap that we all need to work through, I have the blessing of seeing the intentions that are truly there, and that have been there all along. Those intentions are ALWAYS good ones – no matter what has happened, what you’re ashamed of, or what you would rather not have to fess up to, I can promise you that it came or still comes from a place of wanting what was best for yourself and others. Even when you act out of fear or caveperson instinct, I can see who you truly are, and what you truly want – and it’s always, always coming from a good, loving place.

And your gifts. Oh, your gifts! I get to see what power, talent, and beauty you possess, and how you could truly serve the world if you let it all out. And if you even knew not only how deep those talents run, but also the multitude of the talents you can contain in one being – well, let’s just say you’d never again doubt your capacity to create, or to be anything.

My intention in telling you this is not to sound idealistic or cheesy. And it’s not to convince you of what you don’t already know. It’s to remind you. And I get that need for a reminder. It’s much easier to see such perfection in those that surround us, sometimes, than it is to see our own reflections of perfection shining back at us. And so I encourage you to see what you have. Take a look at your true intentions, your desires and what they stem from, and all of the generosity, love, and beauty you possess, and just be with it for a moment. Because the world needs it. We need what you have to offer us, and are thirsting for it in this very moment.


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~Buddha

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman


I would love to hear you give a shout out about YOUR own beauty! Go for it! Be bold and brag – leave a comment below or share this with your friends telling the world what some of your beautiful qualities are!

Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre has spent a lifetime asking big questions and cultivating ever-deepening trust in the power that flows through life. Her favorite words to use are Expansion, (genuine) Power, and Co-Creation because she carries them in the very fiber of her being. Everything she writes and talks about is based on a methodology she's developed over the course of her life. She spends every day as a student so that her role as a teacher continues to grow along with the Collective.

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