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When I stopped expecting certainty, is when I became whole. When I allowed the unknown to become my partner in co-creation, is when I began to enjoy the process of life every single day, no matter what.

Yet embracing uncertainty is easier said than done. It’s not something you can just “chose”. It requires a shift in mind *and* body.

In this video I share with you a tool to help you embrace uncertainty and fear of the unknown, and to begin to process where it comes from on a DNA level.

Hi, I’m Jordanna Eyre, Founder of Modern Day Sorcerer and creator of Sorcerer School, The Next Step for Conscious Leaders. So in this video, I’m going to share with you a simple, really simple tool to help you embrace uncertainty and fear of the unknown. So I recently put out a call for questions to our list and the Modern Day Sorcerer Community. And a number of you wrote back asking for help in embracing uncertainty and, and really getting to know and being okay with the fear of the unknown. Uh, so this is, you know, in, in this current time of pandemic, embracing uncertainty as perhaps the most important thing that we can learn to do. And it’s showing us that it’s such a huge part of humanity and, and our lives. And so it’s teaching us to do it not just for the pandemic, but in times to come.

Right? One of the reasons why I actually really enjoy embracing uncertainty. So in Sorcerer School, one of the reasons I started Sorcerer School is because creation. So if you’ve even seen our Modern Day Sorcerer logo, it’s a Fibonacci sequence or Nautilus spiral, and the reason for that is because creation moves in a spiral – creation moves around and around. And the way that we interact with that creation spiral, whether you’re creating a business, whether you are creating a firmer foundation for your family, whether you are creating, well not as much in this time, but the ability to travel and more freedom for yourself, whatever it is, and you can still create freedom even if it can’t travel right now by the way, side note. So whatever it is that you are creating inside of yourself and for your life, that creation cannot move,

it does not move in a linear fashion. So you might plan it in a linear fashion, but ultimately creation does move in a spiral. So the support you get from the universe to create the things that you desire will show up in a way where it’s going to be unknown because the spiral can’t be planned. It can’t be like, I mean, though, there are mathematical equations that do show it to you- Our minds don’t usually work, in that coordinates of the mathematical equations from the intention you set into the fruition of your intention. Right? And so therefore it uncertainty is, is one of the most instrumental and also common elements, of the human experience. So let’s dive in and share a tool for how to embrace uncertainty and dissolve fear of the unknown. Now in order to do that, I’m going to share my screen. Alright, so here we

Go, I think we’re sharing. Alright, so, here’s a simple tool. Now the tool, the title of the tool and what we want to learn to do is to claim ownership. Okay, you want to learn to claim ownership. So when uncertainty comes your way, what’s happening with uncertainty or one of the things that’s happening with uncertainty is your mind is going to the things that you think might happen. Now that is circumstances and it also sometimes involves people. Any time your mind is going in the direction of other circumstances and people outside of yourself, it is not in the most powerful place that it can create. And it is not in the truth of the here and now in the truth of what is possible in space and time. I’m going to say that one more time. Anytime your mind is going in the direction of something that’s outside of you, be it a circumstance or a person or something that’s really separate, or appears to be separate from you.

Anytime your mind goes in that direction from outside of you, it is not the most powerful place from which you can create nor the most powerful, powerful place to access space and time to be able to create in the now and so we want to learn to do is to claim ownership and bring it back to your sovereignty. Anytime you’re in uncertainty, claim ownership and bring it back to your sovereignty. So here is how we do that. So there’s a spectrum we’ve got going on, right? The spectrum is saying, “No, it’s not mine. No, this, this uncertainty. It’s not mine. No. This fear I have. It’s not mine. No, it belongs to somebody else because they are the ones who have the power to say yes or no to this situation or No it belongs to my money flow. It doesn’t belong to me or no, it belongs to the health of the person that I love.

It doesn’t belong to me.” So that actually isn’t true because even if those things are true in a finite like physical form that “Oh, it’s up to your money”, or “Oh, it’s up to somebody else”. The co-creation of the circumstance is really within you. And so when you move from not mine to mine, it’s the beginning point of being able to claim ownership, which will help you dissolve the fear of the unknown. Okay, so moving from mine to not, or I’m sorry, from not mine to mine, moving into like, “Oh no, it’s mine. This fear is mine. This anxiety, this discomfort, all of this is my” right? So then we have another spectrum we’re working with and the spectrum has to do with the mind and the body. So down here we have thinking, okay, generally speaking, when we’re in a place of uncertainty and anxiety and fear of the unknown, what comes with it is a sense of overthinking.

You’re overthinking what might happen. Your mind is in the future. Now that thinking doesn’t serve you. Even if you might have to come up with a plan B, you know, trusting God, but tie up the camel and the tie up. The camel version of that is, “all right, well if this thing doesn’t happen and it goes this way and say, Oh, I’ll create a plan B for that just in case”, that’s okay to do. But the thing is, is that when your mind is constantly reeling and going in those directions, it’s bringing you into the anxiety that that like almost, what’s the word? It “unsupports” you from being able to create it “unsupports” you. That’s a word now from being able to be so okay with uncertainty that you can create what you desire from that space. So, we want to move from thinking into feeling from thinking into feeling.

Okay. So moving from thinking into feeling, will allow you to be with what is, so it will point you in the direction of where there’s fear to dissolve. It will point you in the direction of where anxiety is pointing you to something that’s underneath that anxiety to be felt and therefore processed. It will point you in the direction of finding the deep divine support always available inside of your body. Okay, so we want to merge these things together. Now we always want to move from or, or, or essentially always. Never say always, but always want to move from not mine into mine and from thinking into feeling. And then what we do is we’re going to have this world over here, okay? We’ll have this world where like uncertainty dissolve or the fear of uncertainty dissolves. Uncertainty is not going to dissolve. You cannot find certainty really ever really

Because that’s not like the laws of humanity in this human experience. But the fear of uncertainty will dissolve the discomfort around uncertainty will turn into a sense of peace and trust and spaciousness and the fear of the unknown will dissolve. And you will be okay with the unknowns of that. You can dance in the here and now to create what’s possible, right? So this is where we want to live in, in the, “Oh no, it’s mine. I take ownership of this. This is mine that I could feel, that I can experience, that I’m afraid of”, and move from the mind and the thinking into the body and the feeling. All right, so that is all for today. I’m going to stop my screen share and bring us back. So that is all for today. Again, just real quick overview where you want to move.

You want to claim ownership? So to dissolve fear of the unknown and to really be okay and embrace uncertainty, want to claim ownership, and what that looks like is moving from not mine into mine. I’m from thinking into feeling. Okay, so that is all for today. If you want to dive into transformation happening on a cellular level, I have a new workbook coming out. So though you’re always welcome to hop over to our website, the modern modern day sourcer.com and grab the current workbook and any of the other free things that we’ve got going on over there. I do have a brand new workbook coming out very, very, very soon. So if you want to have first dibs to get the workbook, I’m going to put a link in the comment below. So go ahead and hop into that link in the comment below and get first dibs. Sign up for first dibs on the new upcoming workbook. And if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and like it, comment on it, cause I’d love to hear from you. I’d love for you to be part of the conversation or even share it with a friend if you know somebody that you think could benefit from this. Alright. That’s all for today, Jordanna Eyre signing off.

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre

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Today's leaders need to find the fierceness of Gandhi, the perseverance of Mandela, & the equanimity of a Buddha...without meditating for years on a mountaintop.

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