The Eyes of a Child

On some level you’ve always known. There are certain things about the world, certain things about yourself, and certain things about your role in the world, that you have always known. Some of us got pushed down, some of us got scared and pushed ourselves down, and all of us have fumbled at certain points to maintain that knowing. The world is a magnificent place, but we live in a society that hasn’t always encouraged us to remember that; let alone to recognize our own magnificence or the magnificence of others. We have gifts that began to appear at a very early age that weren’t given room for expression. We have a calling that we’ve always known at our core. It may have gotten stifled or become something to fear, but it’s always been there within you. And yet, on some level, you still just know a lot of things that you may only recently be allowing yourself to remember

A few days ago I was blessed to get to meet a 15 year old boy who has been blessed enough to bypass the part of society that tells him he can’t or that he’s not enough. He has grasped a practice from a very young age that most of us don’t find until we are much older, and an ability to claim his power to impact the world that takes many a lifetime to find. And so I interviewed him, so you can see just how easy it is when you allow that knowing withing you to rise to the top and decide the rest.

Want to practice some of the tools that Matthew has? Here are a few quick and easy ways to bring out the knowing of the child inside you:

1. Practice gratitude. If you look around you, you’ll begin to notice that your life is more amazing than you often perceive it to be; and that you are more amazing than you often perceive yourself to be. By starting with gratitude, the recognition of this will become easier.

2. Be aware of your limiting beliefs. Often the simplest little beliefs that play in our heads as both conscious and subliminal records can thwart our magnificence in ways we wouldn’t imagine. But what’s awesome is that the awareness of them is a big step in the right direction toward your magificence. If you’re interested in deep levels of belief transformation, feel free to schedule a free consult with me.

3. Go out and play. Do what brings you joy. Allow yourself to explore, express, and be free without any judgment.

4. Be gentle with yourself. The child inside of you that knows you’re magnificent may need a reminder, and nurturing yourself is often one of the best ways to do that.

Easy, huh? So please, choose at least a couple of these things, and step into your knowing today. Because what’s even more magnificent, is that now you have the capacity and capability of an adult. Revisit this knowing, and you’ll have the best of both worlds. Now, can you imagine what else will be possible from there?

In abounding love and joy,

Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre has spent a lifetime asking big questions and cultivating ever-deepening trust in the power that flows through life. Her favorite words to use are Expansion, (genuine) Power, and Co-Creation because she carries them in the very fiber of her being. Everything she writes and talks about is based on a methodology she's developed over the course of her life. She spends every day as a student so that her role as a teacher continues to grow along with the Collective.

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