Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use or teach magic?

No, I do not teach magic.

At least not in the traditional perception of what magic is…

If you see magic as casting spells and doing things to manipulate the world or make things happen in your favor – this work will not be able to help you.

Although I do not judge, this form of magic generally comes from a place of ego, force, and manipulation.

The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology helps to dissolve those things. As such, traditionally perceived magic wouldn’t be an option.


If, on the other hand, you see magic as something that’s all around us in every moment, yes, it is part of the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology.


What I offer will help you connect to a unique wisdom inside you and show you how you’re meant to use it in the world…

It will help you embody a sense of magic that will shift your perspective to one of alignment and embrace of the world.

It won’t convince you to see light where it’s not.

Rather, it will illuminate the dark and teach you how to interact with every aspect of your business, leadership, relationships, and life from Source perspective.

P.S. When you’re ready…

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