Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very advanced in personal growth. How do I know this will be any deeper than I’ve already gone?

Even if…

  • You’ve been meditating for many decades;
  • You’ve done just about every type of personal growth under the sun;
  • You’re well-versed in psychedelics or plant medicines;
  • You are a coach, facilitator, teacher of leadership, personal growth, or spirituality yourself…

The Modern Day Sorcerer methodology will unlock new layers of embodiment for you.


I’ve had students who fit all of the above, and every single one has reported deepening and expanding beyond what they were previously embodying.

Similarly, no matter how educated or well-versed you are in complex subjects, this work holds new wisdom for you.

I’ve had students with PhDs in psychology, neuroscience, physics, metaphysics, and beyond report that this work has helped them unlock inner, innate wisdom that’s off-the-charts in comparison to where they were before this work.

Because this work is multidimensional, it will meet you where you are – and take you a layer deeper – no matter your starting point.


It will connect you to a unique wisdom inside of you that says “go deeper” … and inspires you within the depths of what’s in you.

The work will become your own from a truly unique space within you. And it will guide you from the standpoint of what’s essential to the unique contribution, purpose, or impact you’re on this planet to have.

P.S. When you’re ready…

Here are 3 ways I can help you grow your sweet spot of impact *and* fulfillment to be a bigger contribution in business and your personal life

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3. Work with me in Sorcerer School – Learn how to grow your sweet-spot of impact AND fulfillment to be a bigger contribution in your personal & professional life…

Together we’ll explore how the energy in your mind, body, soul, and spirit connect – at the quantum and metaphysical level – to get you the results you’ve been wanting in leadership, relationships, and your internal well-being.

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