Frequently Asked Questions

What are you referring to with use of the word “container”?

A container is the cultivation of an “energy body” around an intention, to provide optimal support for it to thrive…


We are used to a glass or a cup as a container to hold what we’re drinking…

But what “holds” us in the activities we do? The conversations we have? And in our desires and goals for longer-term fruition?

Cultivating an energetic foundation for – and container around – our activities and intentions provides for a more fluid, focused, desirable outcome.


You come into the Modern Day Sorcerer container of your choice with your intentions + desires…

And the container works for/with you to support you in the fluidity, focus on, and outcome of your intentions + desires.

Within sessions, and outside of sessions on your own time, the container is supporting you throughout.

What does this look/feel like?

We frequently hear reports from students of the support they receive from the container from the moment they entered the program.

They witness change in their lives, a newfound feeling of power, and an ease in showing up for themselves, as a result of simply “being” in the container, without even doing the work of it yet. The support of it is that strong.

During your journey in the program, it will be easier to cultivate growth + progress outside of sessions.

You’ll find yourself having more epiphanies, the guidance from your life being more clear, and your interaction with your own growth + expansion feeling more powerful.

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