Find the Light in Your Darkness (Tara’s Story)

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Tara and I am 40. I’m an introverted, animal-loving, morbid, nonsensical, clumsy, whimsical, dorky, tree-hugging Pixie wannabe with a Gypsy heart… And I’m totally obsessed with The Walking Dead! I am a proud mom of a 22-year-old man (eeek!) and a happy wife of 6 years starting my life all over again.

Although I am grateful for meeting my husband and it was a big turning point in my life, it wasn’t the thing that changed my path for the better.

While I am grateful for my partner, I am equally grateful for the dark and twisted journey that brought me to where I am today.

From an early age, I found myself caught in the clutches of society, hating myself for not fitting its cookie-cutter expectations and for having my wings stripped from me. I got used to driving myself into exile for so long… and then, I grew increasingly ill over the last few years and found myself near death in 2015.

It was within the exile that I found liberation.

Getting sick felt like a good kick in the ass from the Universe that landed me on this path of self-discovery, Spiritual growth and purpose.

It’s not been an easy journey, learning to live with chronic illness.

At times, I feel as though all odds are stacked against me. For instance, my illness has prevented me from working for over a year now while simultaneously causing extra medical expenses to pile up. We have fallen into debt and the financial stress has been overwhelming.

Having a vision for the future with no idea how to get there is like living in a glass box – I can see, for the most part, what I need to do and where I need to go but I keep bumping into these walls!

I’ll get excited about an idea and set it into motion but then BOOM! The money’s not there. Or BOOM! I’m too sick.

It’s like each wall has its own reason for blocking me and I just can’t seem to find my way around these blocks… it can cause me to get very discouraged.

Enter Sorcerer School.

I met Jordanna Eyre about a year ago while I was still in recovery after multiple surgeries.

I came across her name on the internet and felt an immediate connection. I felt called to join Sorcerer School as soon as I learned about it, but financial fear and self-doubt held me back.

Even with financial struggles and doubts, on May 10, I took the leap and joined the Sorcerer School family. Since then, I have been learning to find my way out of my self-built glass box.

I have been detoxifying myself of all the emotions and self-loathing that had been holding me down.

I am letting go of the things that no longer serve me, embracing my darkness and daring to SHINE!

Realizing I am instrumental in helping others on a large scale and bringing valuable change to society, I have reclaimed my mighty wings and am embarking on a brand new journey, headed PeaceBound (my new business!), with love and gratitude in my wide-open heart.

I am super excited about this next year!

I’m excited about peeling back the layers to reveal my most authentic self, standing fiercely in my power, harnessing my magic and learning how to access my inner guidance to move towards my true purpose.

I’ve had a revelation and am putting it into motion:

Passions are attainable, magic is real and, with a new zest for life, I am strapping on these mighty wings!

With pockets full of bliss and Pixie Dust, I will conquer.