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Hi Jordanna Eyre from Modern Day Sorcerer here!

I just wanted to come on real quick today and share how I still get work done, like how to take lots and lots and lots of action and get a lot done when you’re also really committed to your growth.
Because the thing is is that personal growth can be this like deep, watery, sometimes very even emotional space and it can seem like it holds you back from, from your doing and the action that you need and want to take in your life or in your business.

So let’s just look a little bit at how do I still get a lot done and keep going deeper and deeper and deeper.

The first thing is that I have prioritized my growth.

I actually see that as priority above and beyond my business.

Because doing that, what will happen is that your growth will happen infinitely faster when you prioritize the growth.

When you look at the place where you’re needing to grow and you go into it and you focus on it, you will grow quickly.
And then when you get to work you’re going to get a lot more done any much shorter, faster time.

The other element is, because I have prioritized my growth, I’ve actually learned to process things in the background.

So it’s almost like a, you know, the way a computer can download things in the background.
Like you might be downloading something on your computer and still able to use your computer to do all the things you do well, your body, which is really your space for processing on a DNA level, has the ability to do that.

So when you prioritize your growth, not only will it lead you back into your work much more quickly and help you take more action more quickly.

You will also learn by prioritizing your growth to ultimately download things in the background to like be able to process and transform while you’re showing up to work, which supports you in being able to take tons and tons and tons of action.

So that’s it. That’s just what I wanted to share with you today because it’s occurred to me that, you know, people share with me a lot that like, “Oh growth, it’s so intense, or it’s so hard, or gets in the way, or it just, it makes me totally distracted from my work” and it doesn’t have to be that way.

So there we go…

That’s all for today!

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