How to Find the Truth When Everyone Claims to Have It

It’s available to you in any moment.

All you have to do is open a book, listen to a podcast, or open up any social media feed – and there’s someone right there preaching the ‘truth’.

When it’s something you completely disagree with, it’s easier to dismiss.

But what about the truth out there that resonates with you in some way – yet is also completely contradicted by another piece of truth you embrace – how do you decide which fits?

You know the bombardment of questions I’m talking about:

  • How do you choose?
  • Which do you follow?
  • How do you stop the internal push and pull of “it sort of makes sense” and then, “…it actually kind of doesn’t”?
  • How do you weave together all of what’s out there in this world – all of the information being spoken as “truth” – and get to the core of what that means for you?
  • How do you discover the truth?

You do it by realizing one core truth: there is no one truth alone.

Whenever someone claims one thing to be true, it is innately true and false at the same time. In the simple claiming that this one thing is true, the truth in it suddenly feels less like truth.

And that’s exactly what happens to it. Real truth transforms into not-the-full-truth when it’s placed into a vacuum.

We need polarity. We need one thing to see another. And that’s what truth shows us – it shows us what’s innately available to us in the very core of our being. But without the interwoven web of all truths, we wouldn’t have that one truth, either.

Sound confusing? It is. And it’s not.

All truth contains a paradox – and without it, you don’t have the full truth available to you. It takes the paradox to be able to find the truth on both ends.

Let me give you an example:

Person A’s expertise is all about the mind. Person A can tell you how our mind rules our entire universe, and how by understanding the mind and shifting our psychology we can create any reality we choose.

Person B’s expertise is all about feelings. Person B can tell you that our feelings are the core of our humanity, feelings are all that matters, and that accessing our feelings is the key to creating the lives we desire.

Person A and Person B, when alone with their truth, can both get pretty far. They can provide enough proof to show you why their way is the truth. But eventually, alone in their own truth, life would be empty.

Why? Because both are correct.

Without access to our feelings we can’t live in the consciousness it takes for true fulfillment. And without the mind, the brilliance that moves through us – through our bodies and our feelings as much as our brains – wouldn’t have a channel from which to operate.

Without feeling, we wouldn’t be able to clear away what our minds don’t need and to operate from the space of openness within our minds. Without our minds, we wouldn’t be able to take the flow of creativity and Spirit that feeling brings us, and put it into tangible creations, words and forms.

Alone, in any one truth, we wind up lost. Lost in the abyss of the emptiness that one solo truth brings.

But when we allow in the paradox of the truth itself, we find wholeness.

So when you find the truth of a spiritual ‘guru’ or leader out there, if it does indeed resonate as truth, don’t ignore it. But do take it with a grain of salt.

With each truth that you find that resonates within the core of your being, take it in. And then set it there with an openness that it may soon find a companion of paradox. Or it may not – that’s the beauty of paradox itself.

But it’s within you (and only you) that the capacity to connect the dots exists – to weave all of the colors, all of the paradoxes, all of the many greater truths of life in together.

You may seek help (heck, weaving the many truths in together is one of the things we do in Sorcerer School, so support in weaving in what’s true for you does exist), but ultimately, it’s up to you weave your own perfect web of life – your own perfect tapestry of existence, your own perfect way of being.

What are some paradoxical truths that resonate most for you? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre has spent a lifetime asking big questions and cultivating ever-deepening trust in the power that flows through life. Her favorite words to use are Expansion, (genuine) Power, and Co-Creation because she carries them in the very fiber of her being. Everything she writes and talks about is based on a methodology she's developed over the course of her life. She spends every day as a student so that her role as a teacher continues to grow along with the Collective.

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