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When you’ve got a lot swirling around in your body – in both your heart and mind – it can feel amazing.


In complete and utter alignment with everything you’ve ever wanted.

The thing about naturally thinking before feeling is that, we tend to judge the feelings that course through us.

As that judgment takes place, our minds tend to pick apart the feelings:

  • “That’s weird, why are you feeling that way?”
  • “Cry to feel better? Doesn’t sound normal. Crying doesn’t feel good. You shouldn’t do that.”
  • “Maybe you should just get over it, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Recognize a bit of that judgment?

That ever-familiar voice that seems to shoot down every time you try to feel too much?

That voice in your mind is just a little scared; your mind sure can say some really cruel things when you’re trying to listen to your intuition.

Rest assured, that’s just your mind trying to protect you – so try to forgive it!

But how can you get your mind on board to lean into the intuition as an ally, rather than something you need to protect it from?

Two very simple concepts:

1. Remember to breathe!
Often when we’re scared, we’re in fight or flight mode. Our brain is trying to figure out how to survive because it senses danger. This shuts off your most basic common sense functions, because you’re in survival mode and your brain can’t access the logic to play with your intuition.

Take a few deep breaths. You’ll help bring the panic and heart rate down, allowing you access to your frontal lobe again – and the ability to talk to yourself and your intuition with a little more kindness!

2. Let your mind and intuition converse.
While this will take some time, your mind and intuition can be great allies in all tough decisions and general life assessments. If there is an argument brewing, practice step #1 then simply let the two of them hash it out in a polite debate.

Hear the pros and cons of either side. Let them come to a conclusion and/or agreement together, peacefully. You’ll be amazed at what your mind and intuition can create together.

This process takes practice, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right every time!

Keep coming back to this article on the days you’re struggling and repeat these steps.

You’ll begin developing dialogue within your body, and you’ll start embracing the magic that you are – just give yourself time.

No need to rush, there’s beauty in where you’re at right now.

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