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Does the complexity of your mind feel overwhelming? Can you even imagine in which your thoughts operate in unison with your desires?

In this video, I’m going to share with you a simple three-step process that offers possibility with your mind. It’s a possibility that may feel like is beyond your wildest dreams or impossible to achieve. What I’m going to share with you is an innate skill that I promise you already have.

Most people see having a complex mind or complex thoughts as a problem. I get it. Or maybe you don’t think your mind is “complex”, but you feel like your mind brings you problems nonetheless. Maybe you get overwhelmed, get lost in your thoughts or overthinking. And it can be hard to stay present and grounded. These are all very, very common things that most people struggle with.

It might seem like the only answer is to become more present. There’s another solution that will not only help you become more present, but it will also give you access to a unique wisdom and power that is special to you – to who are are meant to be. It will help that fire in your soul that yearns to fully express to become whole.

The solution I’m going to show you will help you find peace and presence. And will also give you access to your unique wisdom and power.

This simple three-step process will help you make friends with any kind of complex mind. So if you’re thinking this isn’t you because you’ve got a mind that is this or you’ve been diagnosed with that, I hear you. And the process that I’m going to share will work for any kind of mind.

The first step is to become aware of the complexity when it arises. Now my guess is that this seems easy, right? And I said these steps are simple, because they are. However, this is definitely a harder step to adjust to. It may require support in gaining awareness to what you’ve been programmed to resist, and it may require more than working with the mind alone. (There’s a reason why the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology consists of interwoven pieces of your true nature.)

Becoming aware of complexity can be a challenge because you’ve been programmed not to. You have been raised in a society where confusion is considered a bad thing. If you’re familiar with the concept of cognitive dissonance, it plays an important role in how we’ve been conditioned to avoid complex thinking. Chances are people around you avoided it, and so you were trained to do the same with your own thoughts. Chances are, also, that a part of you deep down knows that they hold tremendous wisdom.

I remember when I was little. If I would ask a question and the question had high expectations or the question was a deeper question than you would expect a third grader to ask, I remember most of my teachers would get upset. They would get really frustrated and you could see them get pissed off that I asked a question they didn’t know how to answer. Instead of saying “I don’t know. Let’s figure that out.”, they would get frustrated and push me away.

We’ve been trained by our environment and society that we shouldn’t think in a complex way; that complex thinking is a thing to push away.

We don’t want to question each other. We don’t want to explore multiple possibilities of truth. When complexity arises, our psyches are trained to “protect” us. When complexity arises, our psyches are trained to look away, distract or get overwhelmed.

Again, these are normal things. There’s nothing wrong with you that this may happen.

The first step is that it is important to become aware of the complexity and just start to learn what your tendencies are when it arises. What are the go-tos of your mind and body in these moments? What do you tend to do? How do you resist? How do you know that you’re overthinking? How do you realize when you know you’re distracting from confusion?

You can even ask people that are close to you. And if you’re a leader, don’t worry about asking other people. Being a powerful leader means that you show up vulnerably in your courage and that models courage for others. So if you’re not sure how to be aware of how you deal with complexity when it arises in your mind, ask other people what do you do when you’re overthinking, afraid, or resisting seeing something new.

Then, step two is to lean into it.

Again, though this is simple, you’re also human. It’s normal to experience a feeling of crunchiness, confusion that you don’t like, or frustration that can make this step more challenging. Maybe your mind is plays ping pong or resists parts of itself. Resistance to leaning in is common.

It’s not that complexity of the mind is a bad thing. It’s that your bodies and your minds is programmed to resist it. So, it’s really just a matter of overcoming that resistance, which you have the power to do.

So again, lean into it. Relax into the complexity. Allow yourself to go into it.

If you’re fearing what’s there, remember – it’s not the complexity of the mind and going into it that has ever caused anyone to be harmed by their own mind. It’s actually the opposite. It’s when we resist the complexity of our mind that it becomes too much to handle.

Your mind is a gift. The complexity of the mind is a gift. It contains wisdom that has the power to contribute amazing things. It contains a creative power that will help make you whole. When you lean into it and use step number two, your mind will ultimately relax and the contraction the resistance between the thoughts and overthinking that will melt away and you’ll find peace.

And then step number three organically happens.

Step number three is to relax into it until the complexity dissolves and becomes simple not. Again, this is a very simple step and process. However re-training our minds, emotional systems and bodies to let it be simple may take some support.

Whatever you do, though, keep leaning in, leaning in, leaning in.

So step one, be aware of the complexity when it arises. Step two, lean in. Let yourself go into it. Step three, stay there. Keep relaxing into the complexity of your mind until it until the complexity becomes simple. This is a power that you have.

This is power you have as an alchemist. Your mind gets trained for alchemy. You, the alchemist that you were born to be – that all people have the capacity to become. Your mind gets trained for it and it eventually becomes organic.

What happens when you use your mind for Alchemy? When you dissolve confusion and find clarity in any circumstance? And I truly mean any circumstance. I’ve seen this within myself and within clients in some of the most confusing circumstances; the biggest [email protected]#s of the world.

The confusing circumstances come up for a reason. They arise to teach you what your true power and wisdom is; what your gifts really are. And when you learn to lean into that, when you learn to practice these three steps, clarity comes through. This is powerful and potent clarity that brings you to wholeness in the expression of unique wisdom and power that’s yours.

Practicing this process and retraining your mind, body, and emotional systems to interact with it, will bring out a power of the mind and gifts you had previously only dreamt of.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me in the comments what’s unique about your mind? And what are the utterly and totally normal human things you’d like to embrace and overcome with your mind? And how your unique mind might be able to serve others? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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Jordanna Eyre

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