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How To Thrive As A Leader In The Face Of Ever-Increasing Pressure…

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Does it feel like life gets in the way and then time just slips through your fingers, and you don’t know where it went or how to get it back? Maybe you even feel like you’re too busy to be here.

I’m going to share with you how you can save multiple hours in any given week. And it’s a method that you most likely wouldn’t have thought of to save more time in the most unexpected way.

I believe that time is the hardest resource to acquire. We tend to think it’s money. While all humans have our challenges with money in some way, we can make more money when money goes away. We have a way to ultimately create more. But time does not work that way. We only get the amount of hours that we have in a given day and then they’re gone.

You may have heard that time is infinite; not linear. “One o’clock” and now “two o’clock” is not actually a thing. And, though those things are ultimately true on a greater level, they don’t get us all that far in the human experience.

And if we can’t live out truth in the human experience, then what good is it, right? What good does it do you?

I’m a believer in those things. I recognize a time is infinite, and it can be a supportive awareness. And it’s even possible to stretch time. But what I’m going to share with you today is a lot easier and far more practical to apply in your day to day life.

What’s costing you time? Maybe it’s that fire that you have to put out at work that’s holding you back and getting in the way of your time. Maybe it’s the challenge that you’ve been dealing with at home, or that argument with your spouse that you keep having that seeps away your time. Or maybe it’s that bureaucratic red tape that you just had to deal with that just sucked your time.

What are the things that seem to take away time in your day?

It can be overwhelming to think about the things that take up your time. It can be frustrating. It can make you want to scream. But there is a powerful strategy that will literally create a life where there are less fires to put out. It might seem impossible to shift your external circumstances. However, the strategy that I’m going to show you will create more ease in life’s circumstances, and less communication struggle. It’ll create more time on your hands.

So here goes:

It comes down to seeing the opportunity in the circumstance. That is the strategy that I want to share with you. So when you see the opportunity in the circumstance, it does require that you take responsibility for being – in some way, shape or form – a co-creator of your circumstances.

What I mean by that is not that you create your circumstances alone and it’s all your fault when something happens. What I am saying is that when a circumstance happens for you, you get to be and become the creator of that experience.

It is an opportunity that is, on some level, being gifted to you to clear away something that is no longer aligned or that hasn’t been supportive of you.

So when you look at these circumstances – when these circumstances happen – face them. That’s one of the first steps in creating the opportunity in the circumstance. Face the circumstance. Don’t run away. Don’t make it wrong.

I rarely say not to do something because, really, you get a choice in every thing. I recommend highly, however, that you stay in the circumstance. Allow it to happen and show up in it. Face each circumstance, and look for the emotion that it’s bringing up for you.

When you’re facing a circumstance, while it’s arising, if you really stay with it, you’re likely to notice that there’s some sort of a physical sensation. Maybe you feel jarred. Maybe you feel anxious. Maybe you feel overwhelmed. Maybe you get up in your head. Maybe your body is getting contracted. You may be present to an actual emotion. Maybe you’re suddenly angry. Maybe you’re suddenly scared. Maybe you’re suddenly sad.

Go to the emotion or the physical sensation. Allow yourself to be present in those circumstances and just feel.

That’s the biggest part of how we receive the opportunity in the circumstance and actually get the gold – just letting ourselves feel what’s there.

Trust in the physical sensations, and do your best to not make them wrong. Do your best to not make them about someone else. Even if you’re feeling contracted or you’re feeling pent up from this thing that just happened, take the person out of the circumstance. Yeah, they might have done something that was awful. Or the thing that is happening might be something that really needs to shift in the world.

When you allow yourself to have the opportunity to shift it first within you, so much more is possible in what you can shift out there.

So let the circumstance move through you. You have the capacity to be an alchemist with your own challenges.

Alchemy is the capacity to shift a certain form of matter into an entirely different form of matter. You are an alchemist, deep down, whether you know it or not. You innately have the capacity to shift the matter in our DNA – that which no longer serves you into what does.

The stuff that you’ve been holding onto, the stuff that is creating circumstances that don’t feel so great, or the stuff that has you reacting – it will all arise for alchemy and give you an opportunity to change it.

Instead of responding, you have the capacity to shift all of that stuff – that wounding, the deeper emotion, the shadow in your DNA. By claiming your birthright as an alchemist, you get to shift the challenges into things that are no longer challenges. When you do this, all of those patterns – the patterns that just keep repeating themselves, the frustrating circumstances.

Maybe you keep saying “Why do men always see me this way?”, or “Why do my kids always act this way?”, or “I don’t understand those patterns.” When you learn the opportunity in your circumstances, and you go there and you stay there until it dissolves, the patterns will go away.

You’ll become an alchemist of your patterns. They will no longer exist. The things that used to always get to you, the things that used to bother you so much will no longer bother you. They will roll right off of you. You’ll experience freedom and ease no matter what’s happening. Your circumstances will change.

And where they don’t – in the times when, okay, maybe they weren’t supposed to change – they won’t bother you anymore. And you’ll still find yourself with more time in the day.

Can you imagine less fires to put out? Less arguments to have? Less triggering circumstances? Less “Wow, now I can’t get work done because I’m so frustrated.” Less “Oh, suddenly I’m sad and I don’t know what to do with it.” Or “Suddenly I can’t focus on anything.” Or “There’s a fire to put out and I can’t get my mind to calm.”

All of those circumstances will get easier for you and it’ll create more time in your day because you’ll have less challenges. Suddenly your day is smoother. When your day is smoother, you get those hours back. You, quite literally gain time back.

Now I want to hear from you. What you plan to do with at least a few extra hours in your week? What are the first proverbial fires that you hope to alchemize? Having that time back in your week, what will it mean for your life, for your family, or for your well-being or your career? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre

Chief Sorceress of Life & Business

Today's leaders need to find the fierceness of Gandhi, the perseverance of Mandela, & the equanimity of a Buddha...without meditating for years on a mountaintop.

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