‘I AM’ is you.

I know you’re probably here to read about me – this Jordanna woman, and who she really is. But before I can tell you that, it’s important to talk about YOU.

“I am”, doesn’t refer only to me. In fact, the person and the journey you’re going to read about isn’t ultimately about me.

It’s about you. It’s about us.

It’s about what ties us together in unity and independence; the greater energy that makes you and I ultimately the same, yet simultaneously holding individual expressions.

We ALL have aspects of the greater picture in entirety, each holding pieces of the puzzle, if you will. Let me explain.

Each of us has threads of our very being, fibers that make up the very cloth of our soul and spirit that, when listened to and followed, contribute to the greater good of the planet. Those threads are the part of us that won’t die; the parts that are infinite.

When we realize we’re not separate, but do individually carry pieces of the whole, the gnawing to claim these threads of ourselves increases in strength until we acknowledge and live in them.

It is up to each of us – yes, you too – to access our own individual pieces of the puzzle, to create the whole we are all seeking. It’s not about you seeking anything, but about becoming that piece of the puzzle – becoming you – that creates the big vision for our world.

That begins with saying yes to the core of what’s already there, peeling away the layers of what we use to protect ourselves, and uncovering beneath those layers, the threads of your soul that have been there all along.

The threads of my being that now make up what I have to offer you, are not about me. They are about the whole. They are about the piece of the puzzle I have been given, and now claimed, to help bring you to the deeper threads of your own being.

I AM me.
AND I have become me, so that you may become you.
I have always been.

It’s about you. It’s about us.

I’ve always known I was meant for something “bigger.” From the part of me that wanted to become the Easter Bunny in order to spread more joy in the world (and coming from a Jewish girl, that also demonstrated that I knew anything was possible beyond cultural and societal norms), to the part of me that called my second grade teacher a ‘fucking bitch’ in order to stand up for other students getting treated as ‘less than’ in the classroom. The threads of the power, integrity and knowing–the sorcerer in me–have always been in me.

The more I began to dig into that something, and move beyond the existential confusion of it, the more I discovered that for all of us, ‘something bigger’ reaches beyond-this-physical Earthly plane.

My commitment to walking a path of authenticity led me further and further into peeling away the layers of what wasn’t me and recognizing what has been “me” all along.

Claiming the role of sorceress is not something I took or take lightly. It chased after me for years before I chose to embrace it.

The more I owned my ability to create anything, and stepped into bigger levels of the work I was put here to do, the more I could see her. She was vast, expansive and contained all of the love and compassion in the world. She could hold darkness with peace (she’s a master of duality) and she knew how to hold onto light even in the darkness.. She embraced the deep flow of her feelings in service of others, and brought them to the truth in their own. She could create with a single breath, and yet was so connected to Source that she was unwilling to stray from integrity and held herself strong in creating only from a space of love and service.

I didn’t actively “do” anything to become her. Even through my tendency to ‘do’, as most of us who are drawn to create big things have had, I knew becoming her was less about doing, and more about being. The stronger my awareness of her became, the more I found myself being led in directions that made little logical sense, but that led me closer to becoming her.

If there’s anything I know from my work on myself and with clients, it’s that intuition ultimately defeats logic every time. So, I allowed it. I followed it. And step by step, I found myself in situations, circumstances, and opportunities that allowed her to live. And live she did, as she began to move through me so strongly that claiming her became undeniable.

And so I became her, so that you may become you.
I am.

I’m guessing at this point you may have a little curiosity of who I am in human form. Even if we are infinite, we — as humans — still need those bits of individuality that help us connect.

Hi! I’m Jordanna and just to get started, think of me as an infusion of a highly intuitive, freedom-loving Indigo Child and an overly ambitious, business-savvy entrepreneur.

I’ve never fit into any sort of a cookie cutter – resonating with the hippy world, the corporate world and almost everything in between has ultimately led me to forging my own version of it all. From two graduate degrees and too many advanced certifications to count, including leadership, advanced coaching and self development/transformation, I’ve got an abundance of training and certifications under my belt to speak to my passion. I’ve held many roles in my life: social worker, bilingual teacher, leader within non profit and for profit organizations, broadcast journalist, small business owner, and investment backed CEO… I’ve lived many lifetimes within one, and have sought to combine the best of each along the way.

Yet none of these “official” certifications and roles are as important to me as being a student of life. Being overeducated only led me to realize that living was where the real learning began. It wasn’t until I stopped doing and started becoming + embodying that the real magic began.

I currently live between my home in Los Angeles, CA, and spending ample time in the other parts of the world that my heart calls me to. The sun + magic of Los Angeles, mixed with the vibrancy of living. The sun + magic of LA, mixed with the vibrancy of living in new cultures and lands keeps me in touch with the unlimited possibilities available to all of us. My penchant for nature, adventure, creativity, and dancing my heart out keep me in touch with life. And climbing on high things, jumping off of almost-as-high things, and immersing myself in water all remind me of how amazing + crazy this human experience really is.

If I had to break it down into ONE sentence – who I am and what I do: I am Jordanna Eyre – highly-loving Business & Spiritual Sorcerer who works with leaders and badasses of all kinds to bring spirituality (ie. the absolute beauty and essence of who they are) into their businesses, and spiritual people to bring a bigger sense of their deep + big purpose into their already beautiful lives

I Understand

Balancing human expectations & responsibilities and a spiritual calling isn’t just a thing I’ve learned – it’s my purpose, and what I lead others toward. The transcendence of combining these two worlds has been the core of what has brought me into being the Sorceress I am today.

It’s given me the capacity to lead some of the world’s most powerful leaders into a deeper embodiment and expression of their truth, and powerful-but-not-yet-living-it entrepreneurs or big-time-entrepreneurs into the biggest expression of themselves and their creative capacity.

With a vast background in almost every religion and spiritual path in existence, I have found the core truth that resonates within every cell of my being. I will lead you to your own core truth that resonates within every cell of yours.

With a deep knowing of what the yin and the yang serve within both of us, I will help you find your own essence of power and softness, expansion and love.

With a gift for seeing the greatest power and expression of everyone I encounter, and being able to see the doors and windows that are ready to open in your soul to become that, I will stand for you.

I am so that you may become you.

So let’s become.