I came across Jordanna and her work at exactly the right time. Power, integrity, love, passion, purpose, magic, miracle, divinity, truth, etc. had all been swirling around in my head for quite some time and were finally starting to come together and ignite.Something inside me was yearning for deeper conversations about all of these things so I could start taking action, implementing, shifting, growing, creating, and receiving.

In just a brief conversation with Jordanna, my heart and mind were immediately engaged in a new way. I’m great at attracting the right people into my life, and even with my magical ability to do that, it’s rare that somebody totally gets it. She totally does. I knew I was safe to be all of me from that moment, just as I knew that any community she was creating would be exactly what I required. I allowed myself to be fully seen and heard, to be vulnerable, to learn and teach, to gain insights from myself and others. I truly enjoyed our weeks together and look forward to being part of what she creates in the future, because I know it will be magic.

Sally Mercedes

“I knew I needed to work with Jordanna after I’d learned about her unique combination of spiritual healing and practical business strategies. Before I started meeting with her, my business was what I’d call “on the verge”–of either complete failure or a new level of success. Even though I KNEW my work represented my true spiritual calling and path, my most recent offerings were meeting with almost no response, and I was in serious financial difficulty with NO idea of how things could change. I’d contemplated giving up my work, and in some despairing moments, even giving up on life altogether. Jordanna is deeply compassionate, wise, kick-ass powerful and FUN to work with! If you are seeking someone who can guide you both spiritually AND practically toward your dreams for your life and your business, you’ll find that perfect combination in Jordanna and her work.”

Susan Sinclair

Jordanna is a truly amazing life coach who has provided me with the tools, techniques, and feedback that have helped me stay on course with honoring my calling and living my life’s purpose. She is very knowledgeable, wise, and absolutely delightful to speak with. I feel inspired and full of possibility after each of our calls as well as a feeling of gratitude for having such a creative and motivating coach to work with.

Patrick Riley


Jordanna is a woman with a true and powerful gift. My work with her has been nothing less than life changing. From her own experiences, Jordanna approaches each and every one of her clients with a compassion and understanding that is a rare and precious quality. Since I have begun my journey to embracing my true authentic self, Jordanna has helped me pave the way by opening my eyes to limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding me back from reaching my true potential. While the journey is not easy, Jordanna offers a supportive and collaborative environment to expand ourselves allowing us to fully reach wholeness. I am incredibly grateful to have Jordanna’s guidance, wisdom and support in my own journey back to myself and would highly encourage others looking for wholeness to connect and work with this amazing woman!

Ashley Duffy

Clinical Social Worker

I felt so supported, understood and safe with Jordanna, safe enough to be okay with her challenging me and pushing me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and open up to new possibilities for my life! .
Kelly McKay

I am SUPER grateful for our time spent working together. I am just blown away at the progress I’ve made in the past several weeks and I truly cannot thank you enough for helping me get here. This was exactly the hurdle I needed to jump before everything fell into place. And it is. Slowly but surely. That compass inside of me that couldn’t find it’s bearing is now functioning, the road blocks are dissipating and each day I ‘see’ more clearly. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your guidance, healing energy and the shifts you helped me achieve. Freud is out, Eyre is in!” I have so much respect, and admiration for you and what you do. From the bottom of my heart – A MILLION TIMES, THANK YOU!!!
Alanna Blitz

Jordanna is an amazing coach, and a remarkable being. I had online sessions with her during 6 months – both private sessions and as a participant of the Reclaiming the Sorcerer program. This was a very delicate period of my life, a turning point where I was facing an identity crisis and bearing a lot of sadness. Although we never met in person, the sessions with Jordanna were very important to help me cope with all the issues I was facing. She is kind, perceptive, insightful and intuitive. Some days I would wake up feeling terrible, and just by doing some of the exercises she had proposed I completely changed my mood. I also modified my own understanding over sadness and the role of the so-called “negative emotions”. Since then, I learned about digging into my darkness and realizing its beauty and inevitability. In fact I was able to switch my lens and see life through a different perspective, realizing the beauty of so many things. I carry along those teachings with me in my journey. Thank you so much, Jordanna.

Jordanna empowers you to create a new reality, one in more alignment with who you truly are. If you are looking to strip away the false layers of conditioning and live a life that is a reflection of you, Jordanna is a vehicle to arrive there!

Jordanna is by far the most accurate and intuitive coach I have ever encountered. Not only is she completely compassionate and empathetic to your situation, whatever it may be, but she has an incredible talent for getting to the root of your blocks or issues and addressing them with consideration and care.

She reads energy like no other and helps you through any resistance you may have with fresh new perspectives that just MAKE SENSE. After a session with Jordanna I feel more clarity, less stress and understand myself more than ever before.

Andrea Ashley

Jordanna brought power, integrity and love to a topic that scares most people into running for the hills. On the podcast she jumped right in and made the topic of Reclaiming Your Sorcerer relatable, attainable and somehow totally normal. She goes deep with a great sense of ease and grace that makes you feel as though you are taking a walk in the park with an old friend.

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