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Caveman PicEither I’m doing it all wrong. Or there’s something that doesn’t sit right for me.

And I’m hoping not for you, either.

I saw a post on twitter recently that claimed that “Business is as personal as physics. You just have to give people what they want.”


If that were the case, I wouldn’t have just spent the last two months focused on going within to do my own deep work, knowing that what was coming to YOU would be better once I did. (More on that later…)

If that were the case, the phrase “blood, sweat and tears” wouldn’t be one of the most commonly used phrases by founders and CEO’s of most start-ups…and really all creations big and small.

Last time I checked, blood, sweat, and tears were personal.

And, if that were the case, even less start-ups would succeed than do today. Because in order for us to pour all we have into something, it must resonate within our soul.

You know that calling, that stirring deep within your gut that won’t settle until you listen to it and do something about it?

It’s a seed planted by the soul, and harvested by the creative capacity of the human being who possesses that soul.

For our biggest visions, i.e. those seeds that are destined to grow into a sequoia-sized creation, it takes a lot of personal investment to keep them proverbially watered and growing.

Who said it’s not personal, again?

It’s that very divide between knowing when it’s personal, and knowing when it’s more about pragmatism that keeps us stopped up in our first few years of business (or whatever the fruition of our creations looks like).

But somewhere on the inside, past that field of confusion, we know what’s right 100% of the time.

Yes, I said 100%.

Let me tell you a little story.

It happened last weekend, when I was at a start-up conference in Italy.

My partner, who was also there, came to me and mentioned that the team he was working with was at a long standstill in decision making. There was an argument happening about what the correct business model was for this new company. Apparently a handful of coaches had already been to the table, unable to resolve the disagreement and restore forward movement.

I stood over the table for no more than three minutes until I knew exactly what was happening. And this was with only understanding 70% of the language being spoken at the table.

And what was happening to the CEO, was exactly what happens to all of us at some point when we’re birthing our dreams.

In a sense, you could say she was possessed by something.

You see, there’s a caveperson inside all of us that seeks to protect us from harm. And just as a cave-mother would be primarily focused on protecting her cave-baby, all visionaries, dream birthers, and change makers have an internal mechanism that drives us to protect our proverbial “babies”.

And that’s where it starts to get yucky.

The desire to protect isn’t the bad part. In and of itself it can support us in making wonderfully pragmatic and well strategized decisions for our creations.

It’s the fear that we allow to run alongside it that’s the messy part.

That very fear that comes from wanting to protect, actually puts a fog over what we already know to be true.

The fear is what brings us to allowing that protective mechanism to run our lives and dictate all of our decisions.

Our intuition never goes anywhere. It just gets covered up by motherly/fatherly instinct; the desire to protect that which birthed from our loins.

It’s a problem because underlying the pragmatism and apparent instinctual safety of our visions, is always a sense of intuition that knows better than the caveperson who’s running the show.

And just as simply as the problem can become evident, so can come the solution.

In this particular situation, all it took was a brief pulling aside of the founder of the company, to explain to her what was happening, and ask a few questions to support her in returning to her already existing knowing that her cavewoman had buried.

For all of us, about bypassing all of the voices around us – all of the opinions of others, even the expertise that tells you otherwise.

Because as important as it is to enlist the expertise of those who have been there already; it is just as important to listen to the voice inside of you that tells you what your truth is.

Or, at least, it “should” be that simple.

Since we all live in human form with layers of ego to release, and limiting beliefs to transform, developing a relationship with our truth can take time and a willingness to go deep.

But as much work as it can take to remove the layers of ourselves that present fears that aren’t real, worry that doesn’t exist, and protection mechanisms that keep us stuck, knowing what’s right for us and our “babies” ultimately is that easy.

When all that gunk is removed, we’re safe to return to what was there all along. The intuition that tells us what’s true for us, and what’s true for our “baby”.

Now try to tell yourself business isn’t personal. Yeah, I didn’t think you could 😉

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre

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