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James Ranson

Founder of The Master Wordsmith LLC

Like the sorceress she brands herself to be, Jordanna has spent this past year lovingly opening my eyes to magic–not just hers, but my own.

I started the year as a timid editor with barely any clients. I ended it running a six-figure business group.

I started the year functionally homeless, driving around the country because I couldn’t afford lodging. I ended it with an apartment, a dog, and a stable lifestyle that allows me to stay in hotels when I travel.

I started the year cowering under the shadows of an authoritarian religious past. I ended it with new trust that the larger presence that runs the universe cares for me and has my back.

I began the year a victim and ended it a leader.

I began it in a prison of my own mind and ended it exploring the freedom of my deepest feelings.

I began it looking for a shield to hide behind and ended it bearing that shield to shelter those needing my protection and provision.

I began it the Mickey Mouse apprentice conjuring brooms to do my chores, and ended it being, as Cards Against Humanity would say, a motherfucking sorcerer.

I could go on, but I think the idea is clear.

Working with Jordanna cleared away years of fear, shame, guilt and anger, opening space for me to step into myself in ways I would never have predicted or believed possible. And it was fun! There were tears and rage and frustration, sure, but there was also laughter and joy and triumph.

This year with Jordanna has been my best investment in a long time. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.


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Jordanna Eyre

Chief Sorceress of Life & Business

Modern Day Sorcerer, led by Jordanna Eyre, is a community and set of tools & resources for the paradigm-shifters & changemakers of the world. If you're a leader, disruptor, or anyone with a bigger vision to bring into the world, then the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology was designed exactly for you.

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