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Olivia LaRue

Founder and Sexual Sorceress of Cortesan Consulting

I practice sexual sorcery as a profession. I was born to this body as a sex mage and have been either actively or passively practicing this art since I can remember. I came to Jordanna because my art had become stale and uninspiring. I was ready to take my craft to the next level. 

The practice of alchemy as a discipline was new to me. As such I was opened to a completely new way of healing and transformation.

Pieces of the puzzle that were missing to me prior… appeared. I learned the theory and technique of practicing sexual alchemy.

Concepts I held dear that were blocking me were honored and then dissolved.  My natural state of being has “expanded” and widened. I am more in tune with subtle energies.

I am able to honor and let rest my analytical mind; to allow alchemy to occur without my meddling. It is a very freeing feeling. I am no longer plagued by the thought that I can’t handle what I am meant to do in this life. That the task is too much, too big, too hard, too complicated.

I know how to expand to hold that which seemed overwhelming.

The day after our second session the practice of these new techniques paid for the entire course.

Using sacred sexual alchemy techniques literally has doubled my revenue from clients who wish to experience my unique form of companionship.

In business I am also energetically attracting clients who seek a similar transformation. This has propelled me beyond any local “competition” and has provided me a completely new and untapped niche market.

Jordanna can sense dishonesty and so you really need to be open and able to be honest.

Sometimes she sees into a situation and comes back with a message that doesn’t make sense in the moment.

Have faith in this work even when it doesn’t make sense in the moment, because in time the message will become clear and transformative in nature. Like…pull over the car, stop what you are doing, let your mind get blown “transformative”.

P.S. When you’re ready…here are 3 ways I can help you learn how to experience transformation on a cellular level:

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Jordanna Eyre

Chief Sorceress of Life & Business

Modern Day Sorcerer, led by Jordanna Eyre, is a community and set of tools & resources for the paradigm-shifters & changemakers of the world. If you're a leader, disruptor, or anyone with a bigger vision to bring into the world, then the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology was designed exactly for you.

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