When I was a kid, I spent 2 weeks straight in Wonder Woman underoos. I refused to take them off unless I was forced to bathe. The why behind my behavior ran far deeper than the insistence of a child’s fashion sense (or lack there of). The real reason why was because I wanted to feel like her; to remember myself as her. I wanted to embody her.



Definition = a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

Embodiment means turning something many just talk about, and feeling it so deeply that it runs through the core of your being. It’s what has people saying “How do I get that”, and “What will it take for me to buy, follow, learn from, and/or receive what this person or company has to offer”. And it’s what has you so settled into who you are that what others think of you no longer matters. It’s the best kind of contradiction.

Which is exactly why it can feel so elusive for so many people–because they’re not sure how to get from talking about embodiment to actually embodying.

The true threads of your soul, however, will settle for nothing less than absolute embodiment. It’s the only true way for pure aliveness, power, love, integrity, connectivity, compassion, creation and expansion (and anything else that is really you) to exude from every ounce of your being.

It’s not, and never was, hearsay or elusive fodder for a blank stare. This form of power, this form of embodiment, and this form of I AM ENOUGH, are just waiting to come through you.

So let’s embody.
You. Me. One weekend.

A VIP Weekend Intensive where you will discover the depths of your power, the expansiveness of your being, and access your magic.

What it will look like:
We’ll start out with a 75 minute phone conversation where you and I will discuss your deepest desires and intentions for the weekend, and I’ll go to preparing the trajectory of the weekend especially for you and your intentions.

Over the course of a 2.5 day weekend, you and I will meet in person. You’ll stay in a cozy & comfortable spot in one of the cool cities around the world that I offer (I can also fly to you!), and we’ll spend the days together in a deep dive (including lots of play!) into what real embodiment looks and feels like. I’ll guide you into a space where you will not only walk out of the weekend radiating all of YOU, but you’ll be ready to take it home and into your own space.

We’ll spend a day and a half on you, and a full day at the end incorporating all of your new levels of embodiment into your life – your leadership, your business, your family, or wherever your primary focus is.

This is for you if:

  • You’re done with cognitive understanding, and ready for such a deep experience of this amazing life that what’s true for you is undeniable.
  • You desire a change in how you’re showing up in the world, your business, your relationships, or just with yourself, and you want it quickly.
  • You want that feeling of flow, connection, feeling ‘in you’ and magic that you sometimes experience to become a second-nature, every-day feeling.
  • You’re ready to embody all of you + all of your magic and power no matter the circumstances of the day – and you’re ready to do it in a way that inspires others to do the same.
I won’t give you a magic wand, but when we’re done, you’ll have something much better.