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People ask me very frequently what I’m referring to by my use of the word sorcerer or sorceress. If you were to get on Google and research the word, you’re going to find a whole plethora of ideas and concepts about what we’ve been taught the word means, and I actually have it that those are completely myths. And so today we’re going to dispel the three primary myths of the word sorcerer, and what I’m referring to when I use the word.

One of the most important reasons for me to dispel these myths is because I believe that when we’re perceiving the concept of the sorcerer or the sorceress from the historical perceptions – and therefore the myths – that we’re actually missing out on most of what the concept has to offer us.

So let’s look today at the three common myths of the word sorcerer.

I hear this one probably the most frequently is that a sorcerer or a sorceress uses witchcraft or magic or uses and put spells on people.

Those things are actually, not at all, part of what I perceive the embodiment of the sorcerer or the sorceress to be.

When we think of witchcraft or magic or spells, we think of taking an energy of magic and putting it “out there”, onto something. Usually casting a spell comes from a place of manipulation, a place often of unconscious fear of the thing that we think we want versus the thing that’s actually most aligned for us.

And so a sorcerer actually does the opposite.

A sorcerer does find magic and there really is magic and everywhere and this amazing human experience. But the source or comes home first to the Self. He comes home first to what’s inside of them. That is the truer essence of the power. That is the truer essence of the magic.

A Modern Day Sorcerer clears out all of the fears, clears out any manipulative energies, any fears of manipulation, and finds a place that’s rooted in the Self.

And it’s so connected to that greater energy that then the way they walk through life allows magic to unfold.

So a sorcerer does not cast spells or use, you know, an “out there” version of magic. A sorcerer recognizes that the light that exists in everything and that the love that exists in everything inside of this planet, even when we can’t see it, even when it doesn’t appear to be love, the sorcerer recognizes that at the core it’s available and does what it takes to really come back home to that before acting. So the actions come from a deeper place within that magic.

Myth number two is that a sorcerer will misuse power, over-power you, or manipulate you or other people to get what they want.

This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth and you can already see in elements of what we described in myth number one, why that’s not the case.

The myth around power and the myth around misuse of power comes from what the world has historically believed to be power.

Now, if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure that you are of the ilk of people who knows that when we look out into the world and we see the way power is being portrayed, that’s not true power. That is false power. That is manipulation. That is oppression. Those are patriarchal constructs that have been built to protect certain people (or out of perceptions of protection) that actually creates false structures of what power was perceived to be as far as to recognize that’s not power.

A sorcerer recognizes that by oppressing each other and by being repressed that we’re not going to get anywhere, that we’re not going to create the world that we all desire to live in. So a sorcerer recognizes the misuse of power and does what it takes to eradicate the false constructs of power from their lives.

But a sorcerer knows that no one can empower anyone else.

I cannot empower you.

You’ve got the power inside of you and a sorcerer knows that.

So a sorcerer eradicates power by coming home to the self and clearing away all that is not that so that when they operate, they can operate from the love, from the freedom, from the expression, from the all the is power which supports each other, which creates freedom for all.

Myth number three is that a sorcerer or a sorceress uses dark forces.

I find this one quite intriguing because though it’s not at all the myth that people are sometimes perceiving, I cannot say no darkness is not involved.

And here’s why. Like here’s what’s really underneath that myth.

In this human experience, we do have darkness and light.

We’ve got, you know, sunrise and sunset.

Our DNA in order to bind together requires polarity, requires essentially duality. And a sorcerer lives in between and dancing within, both the physical constructs of the finite world (because what good is it to be living on this planet if we’re not embracing all of that experience) and the energetics, the non finite, the formlessness of the intangible world.

So a sorcerer embraces both and utilizes both to find deeper essences and deeper love really within everything and deeper expression within everything.

And that does mean that if we were to neglect the darkness, we would not actually be able to really love each other fully.

So, a sorcerer knows that, but it’s not use of darkness as like a sense of evil. It’s actually just the opposite. A sorcerer realizes that in this human experience, we all deserve to be fully expressed.

And so if I, for example, am going to come home to a deeper, fuller expression in myself, I’ve got to work with all that is not of that expression.

So say there’s a fear blocking it or a doubt blocking it or some underlying grief blocking that particular expression. I have to work with the grief, I have to work with the data, I have to work with the fear to be able to clear it away and then uncover and allowed through more of my expression.

So yes, a source or does, and that’s just one example, but a sorcerer does in a way utilize darkness, but truly just from a space of the beauty of what’s available inside of all of our humanity, acknowledging and honoring our humanity.

A sorcerer recognizes that yes, ultimately everything is light, but if we pretend everything is light from a space of wanting to only see things as positive, then we’re sugarcoating things.

Then we ultimately become unconsciously oppressive.

And when we’re willing to stand for everything in our experience and to love the things that are not light into allowing them to be the light they’ve wanted to be, then we actually can be more powerful together.

So no, a sorcerer does not use darkness and the way that historically we’ve been taught, but does use the truth of what exists in our human experience and honoring our humanity.

Now, before we sign off today, let’s look a tiny bit at what’s underneath the myths. So if you Google the concept of a sorcerer, you’re going to find all of the myths stated as if they were truth.

And why is that?

Why are we now here? And now having to redefine the word?

Our society has a very, as you know, very lengthy history of oppressing each other. And that oppression most commonly comes from a place of fear.

Historically, people who were afraid (usually unconsciously) of the energetics within the finite world, oppressed those who were aware of the energetics within the finite world. And so we’ve got this lengthy, lengthy, lengthy history that we’re now reclaiming the undercurrents of. We’re now reclaiming the energetics. We’re now reclaiming that our human experience is so, so much more than just this tangible plane- and that also in this tangible plane lies, energetics.

And there we have it. The three primary myths that by debunking them, help us uncover what a sorcerer really is within all of us.

Now that you’ve got a redefinition of the sorcerer or the sorceress within you, what are you seeing that actually is akin to your experience?

Because as you can see, it’s actually by debunking the myths and finding the essence of this within all of us that we can together uncover oppression so that it’s no longer.

So let’s go deeper.

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Jordanna Eyre

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