What to Do with the Uncomfortable Feels

Being uncomfortable.
There’s no simple way to explain how it feels.
It’s this dis-ease in your body. Or perhaps it’s just a feeling that you have crawling through you that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

It’s well …uncomfortable.

Typically, nothing comes from our uncomfortable feelings because they’re dull aches that we been taught to ignore.

Our body is always trying to tell us things (you’ve definitely heard us say this more than once!), and being uncomfortable is one way to know that something is happening inside of you.

Uncomfortable feelings are a sign of misalignment or growth occurring in you.

So what do you do with that? How do you “get to the bottom of it”? While we won’t say this is the cookie cutter way to do it, we at MDS believe there is something so sacred about the experience of honoring your feelings.

  1. Be present to the uncomfortable feeling.
    Most times, uncomfortable feelings show up in a subtle way. We tend to see them as underlying moments or feelings that may not present themselves as relevant, or something to pay attention to right away.Once you notice the uncomfortable feeling, try to wrap up whatever you’re doing. No need to RUSH to stop everything, but give yourself an opportunity to really acknowledge the uncomfortable feeling, something that can only be done effectively when you’re being present to it.
  2. When you’re present, what comes up?
    Once you become present and you’re able to just really explore what that uncomfortable feeling is – what happens?Do you feel like crying? Laughing? Writing? Asking for a hug? Going for a walk to play Pokémon Go? (This has totally happened to me.)Just simply notice what is coming up for you and write it down, or make a mental note of it. There’s no reason to judge it or try to reason as to why you shouldn’t do those things yet (or ever, really). But we’re only in the step of becoming aware, of noticing the uncomfortable feeling and seeing what it’s all about; don’t rush yourself. Just sit with it.
  3. Finally, let it flow.
    Once you’ve had an opportunity to really sit with that uncomfortable feeling, it’s likely that it fades or it flows into another feeling or action (so it fades).Once you move into this space, just let your feelings and body do what it will need. Whether that’s to relax, move, or simply fall asleep. Honor what your body needs and let it flow out.

In these moments where we acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings and let it all flow out, we often find exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Most times, we find magic that we didn’t even know we were looking for.

Next time you stumble upon an uncomfortable feeling, get a little curious – and if you feel called, share with us in our Soulful Brilliance community, a community for brilliant thinkers with deep souls.