What We Mean by the Word “Sorcerer”

Let’s talk about the word “sorcerer” – I know the normal typical associations this word comes with.

Mythical books. Harry Potter. Magic wand. Gandalf. Unicorns. We typically think “mystical” when we stumble upon this word.

All things also associated with rare. Special.

I didn’t become the sorceress, though, because I was “special.” I’m just as “normal” and totally-not-normal as you.

My entire life, there was a deep knowing growing inside of me, and at times, it felt like too much to bear.

It’s a knowing we’ve all held from an early age – whether you were able to hold tight to it or forced to let it go.

Throughout the years, I struggled and I fought self-sabotage as the power within me fought back, wanting to come alive again.

I became the sorceress – powerful, high-integrity, and courageous yet still human – simply because I was willing to do the work, to take responsibility for my experiences.

I embraced the good, the bad, and the magic in me – dark and light alike.

I knew that without taking responsibility for everything (my life, my business, my relationships, my physical well-being – all of it) as a co-creation with something greater, I wouldn’t be able to answer a deep knowing inside of me.

You know what I am talking about, that calling for “something bigger” that gnaws at you.  It’s the feeling that must become a choice to venture to the depths of your human ability to respond to that calling.

As I did the deep work that created the expansion, I saw something important. With each aspect of my own deep knowing that I expressed and with each part of my innate power that I took back, I noticed the same happening in my clients in their unique way.

I knew that the Sorcerer was alive within us all – we simply had to choose to become it, to become the unique versions of ourselves that would express their calling in a way so powerful that nothing could stop us.

With this magic, we could co-create with the comfort of knowing we, and our creations, are one with the greater energy that for so many years we longed to feel close to.

It became apparent to me that the calling of each of us actually depended upon us to become the powerful co-creators we came here to be.

The sorceress in me was birthed serving you, and people like you. It was answering my calling.

Only a few months after the culmination of this “transformation,” I put out the call to the world.

Would others resonate with power, integrity, and love combined? Were others ready to create from that space? The response was a resounding yes from all forms of leaders and leaders-in-the-making.

And with this, Sorcerer School was birthed.

And so Sorcerer School became, so that you may become.

It is the home where you and all other powerful, high-integrity, courageous beings can come to return to their deep knowing and integrate it with the tangible expression (you know, the “real life results” we all crave) of your calling (your business, purpose, and leadership).

Oh, and did you hear?

We’re having a little “Sorcerer Party” if you will, starting March 28th, 2016 – a 5-day experience where you can explore, grow, transform and expand your inner Sorcerer.

Come play & expand with us >>

More formally, we call it Sorcerer School Preview Course – a bite-sized version of Sorcerer School where you learn to use the intangible to create tangible results in all aspects of your life:

In this 5-day journey, you will receive:

  • 4 instructional videos to walk you through the tangible + intangibles of blending your deep knowing with your reality.
  • A supplemental exercise to implement concepts from our instructional videos.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with Sorcerer School graduates, our Modern Day Sorcerer team, and like-minded execs, CEOs, business owners, and purpose-seekers.
  • Q & A opportunities for additional support.
  • A special LIVE call to celebrate and ground your journey.

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