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Why I’m Changing My Definition of Power – and You Should, Too

I’m not a big fan of the word “should”. In fact, it’s a word that I do my best not to use. In fact, telling you that you have to do anything, or that you won’t be “good enough” if you don’t, would completely go against my point. Power is about choice anyway, is it not?! Oh, that’s right – not in our society. Power has historically been about the gaining of control, which has, in turn, removed choice from others. We’ve grown to view power as a possessive, dominating, and ultimately destructive way of gaining what we want, without taking into account the needs or desires of others.

And so, we’ve grown to perceive power as one of those dark forces in life, meant to show the duality of things; or what can go wrong when we take something a step too far. And, while I’m an advocate for life containing those things that show us duality, so that we may know that which we don’t want, in order to experience and create that which we do; I’m not an advocate for power becoming (or remaining) one of those things. You see, if power were something that were meant to show us what we don’t want, then why would each of us have a way of finding power within us? Even within the systems of our bodies, we have areas that bring us to a place of personal power simply by being present there – our solar plexus and core are two of them.

So why is it so hard for us to find power without intermingling it with ego, taking the focus off of the good of the whole? Well, for starters, most of us don’t actually go to that place in our bodies where we find power when we’re looking for it. It comes from our heads, and shows up as taking action, and often in an aggressive way. Action is good, yes; but what if we could all learn to incorporate into action a sense of being? Our bodies have that place for us to go, and to be while the action is taken, words are spoken, and decisions are made that allow us to remain grounded in the true essence of power.

But what does that mean? How is that different from the kind of power that can drive people toward greed? The cool thing is that our bodies don’t have a deeper, internal sense of greed. When coming from the core or the solar plexus, we are able to let go of fear that would drive us to losing sight of the good of the whole. We’re able to connect to our hearts (this is key!), while also maintaining our sense of intuition that guides us toward knowing both what’s right for us, and what we can give to the whole. We’re able to connect with others without losing sight of ourselves, realizing that oneness doesn’t mean losing sight of authenticity and the beauty of the self. Because that’s what power is all about – finding the truth in oneness, while maintaining our sense of love and understanding for the self. If we were all able to redefine power to mean this, then the world would be full of authentic connection, loving generosity, inspired action, and joy. Or is it already?


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