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How To Thrive As A Leader In The Face Of Ever-Increasing Pressure…

A couple of weeks, we talked all about surrender, which is perhaps the most life-changing tool for growth and the most impactful tool for business I have ever found.

It’s also the hardest state to achieve.

In our last blog post, I also shared the first two steps in getting through the resistance and finding new levels of surrender. (If you haven’t checked that out yet, you may want to give it a read here. As a quick reminder, the first two steps were acknowledging the resistance and being with the resistance.)

With that foundation in place, let’s dive into the final four steps.

3. Create time and space.

Though just “being” with the resistance often means doing nothing, there are things we can consciously do to support the resistance in running its course, allowing our bodies and minds to feel ready for the shift to happen.

Clear out your schedule as much as possible, when at all possible. Trust that things will be taken care of by the support around you (even if you are feeling unsupported in the moment, trust that the Universe has your back on the timing of the shift that’s ready to take place). And trust that whatever you need to do will be better done once the shift has taken place. True shifts need time and space to surrender into, so do whatever is required to create that time and space.

4. Choose whatever softens you.

Once your schedule is cleared as much as possible, make choices that bring softening (that, similar to step number 2, allow you to be with the resistance).

The more softening that can be created within you and your environment, the safer your body and mind will begin to feel to make room for surrender.

Begin to notice the difference between how something makes you feel. If you feel tension develop in your body or you have to “think” about things, it is probably acting against the softening. Choose actions, behaviors, and even thoughts that help you to feel softer and softer. This also means that if you notice yourself trying to analyze or “understand” what is happening, you can ask your mind to calm, let go of the thoughts, and choose something that supports the thoughts in dissipating into nothingness — maybe some calm physical activity like stretching, getting out into nature, or watching a movie.

5. When necessary, light a proverbial fire to catalyze the feelings.

When you’ve created enough softening in your body and mind, you’ll organically want to come out of full stillness and into new stages of deepening into the shift that’s asking to take place. This may come as a feeling of despair, or it could simply feel like feeling done with Netflix and ready to actually “do something” with the shift at hand.

This does not look like trying to consciously understand it, but like preparing yourself to go all the way in to the “death” process at hand.

This could be done through journaling that takes you into the feelings themselves. (Note, however, that there is a difference between journaling monkey-minded thoughts and journaling to take yourself down the rabbit hole that will create more feeling — this is a fine line to walk and an edge that must be found through exploration.) Alternatively, it could be done by listening to music that helps catalyze the feelings to be felt. Or it could be done through “channeling” a message that will take you deeper, or calling upon your guides to work on you to bring you deeper in.

There are so many ways to help instigate the state of feeling that will lead you to surrender. What’s important here is that whatever you choose to “do” intuitively feels like it will bring you deeper down the feeling spiral and into the feeling itself.

6. Relax into the feelings and let them flow.

Once the feeling begins, allow yourself to soften into it more, and more, and more, and more. As if you were laying back in a comfortable, cushy bean bag chair, surrounded by all of the love in the Universe, lean back into it with every element of feeling in your body.

As you lean back in this way, let the feeling take you under. This is a practice that will be developed more with time. It cannot be forced, but only allowed with the trust of the feeling itself. You’ll know when you’re there: it feels like something else has taken over for you and is leading you down a path of deeper consciousness than the mind could know. But don’t worry about getting there — simply continue to lean into it and open up to the feeling until you’re taken under.

Once you’re taken under, the rest will be done by Source/your higher self. You may have epiphanies, awakenings, inspiration — but continue to allow yourself to remain in the state of surrender. Much of what’s happening in this state is a cellular level shift that will result in new levels of embodiment that won’t require the epiphany had during this state to be written down or even cognitively remembered; it will now be integrated within the cells of your body and will come out naturally.

Surrender is truly the hardest state to get to, but the practice of it is worth its weight in gold, and then some. Consider all of the things you’ve been wanting, all of the next-level places you’re desiring in your business, your vision and mission, your relationships, your wealth, your life. All of these things will come the easiest through new levels of embodiment — and embodiment that is only possible through cellular level shifts that can come through the practice of surrender.

What is one thing you can do to allow a softening in your path to surrender today? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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Jordanna Eyre

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