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5 Reasons You’re NOT Getting the Transformation You Desire and How to Harness Your True Power Fast

You’ve finally reached clarity. You know what you want and nothing can hold you back.

You make a plan and put everything you need in place to execute it perfectly.

And then you leap – into the next level, into expansion, into the greatness you’ve been craving and your vision has been asking for.

And it’s not long until you realize that your plan doesn’t mean crap next to the plans of life.

So you re-evaluate and re-route and keep moving forward. Until the new plan doesn’t seem to hold water next to Spirit’s plan or to the vast energy out there that seems to know something you don’t.

And that’s when you realize: uncertainty is the key ingredient to taking leaps.

When you choose expansion, the uncertainty of how you’re going to get there and exactly what it’s going to look like when you get there is truly the only certainty.

When you come to this realization, you have two routes to choose from…

  • The route of holding tight to whatever certainty you can conjure to hold your plans as close to you as possible.
  • Or the route of letting go of certainty and trusting that in not knowing what’s going to happen, the best possible outcome will take place.

It’s so easy for our fears to choose the former. But when we choose the latter, we’re opening ourselves up to magic.

Because there is magic in uncertainty.

It’s full of possibility – more possibility than our minds could have conceived of when we invented the “perfect plan.” And it’s led by guidance that can only come when we surrender to a deeper sense of knowing and a greater sense of guidance than our minds.

When it comes to that initial clarity we had of what we needed to do and that leap we took into the next level of our expansion, nothing can lead us to a better place than the deep knowing, the guidance available to us, the possibility, the magic, and, yes, the uncertainty.

It’s what takes us from clinging tight to what we expected, even when it’s not working, and leads us to surrendering into what’s available to us.

In the emptiness of surrender, the stillness and opening that awaits us can be filled with riches. But they’re not riches that our logical minds can conceive of or that our business skills can predict.

Our fears cannot navigate the map to the hidden treasure of uncertainty. Because the map is created by the imagination of the universe – and it’s far more creative than your fears can conjure.

And through that creativity and the imagination of the infinite come the best forms of expansion. It’s what leads us to our true visions, our greatest desires, and all it takes to achieve them.

The profit you’re aiming for, the next-level awesomeness of your creations and your vision, and the impact you desire to have on the planet… uncertainty is the only constant in getting there. And the imagination that is waiting to create the best roadmap possible to your treasure can only come in the space of uncertainty.

So how can you loosen the reins on your plans just a little bit more and surrender to the magic of not knowing? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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