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How To Thrive As A Leader In The Face Of Ever-Increasing Pressure…

I want to talk today about a silent change that I’m seeing happen. It’s happening for everyone. And the chances you know that this is you are maybe 10%. So 90% of you don’t know that this change is happening.

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What I’m seeing happen there as a result is that it has you turning down opportunities, or hesitating and holding off from choosing yourself in opportunities that are actually the most important thing for you right now. This is opportunities in business, opportunities to level up in leadership, especially. I’m seeing them happen all over the place really.

So what you do know? Let’s start there. What you do know is that we are facing a lot of change. Societally and politically. There’s a lot of turmoil. But also that’s to create change.

If you look at Brexit, or the potential U.S. economic struggle. And there are many countries that have been in this for a long time. Any time that we face that kind of strife or uncertainty, it’s because a big change is ready to happen trying to happen.

But what I want for you… My desire and wish for you, is to get to go through this big planetary change in a different way. In a way that gets to be easy for you. You actually get to enjoy the change.

And I know that might sound crazy, but speaking from experience, I can tell you. And I’m thinking of all the clients that I’ve witnessed this be possible for. So speaking from experience I can tell you that it is so possible to go through times of massive uncertainty and massive economic, planetary, societal, governmental, political change, social change – and do it from a space of ease. And to actually get to enjoy your relationship to it and what that has to do with you.

So what we are doing right now as a planet is we are redefining power. But what’s missing for most people; what most people have that’s a silent change, is that the redefinition of power is about removing false power.

I know it can seem scary because if you think about what was power becoming no longer it, it’s, it’s going to seem like “Oh, but my money is going to have to change”. Or “My clout in business is going to have to change.” Or “What if I don’t get to do things the way I was normally doing them?” Or “What if I’m going to lose something?”

The truth is nothing is going to change that actually is not MORE powerful for you. Nothing is going to change that doesn’t bring you to more of everything that you’ve been desiring. This is if, and assuming, you get to honor this silent change that’s been happening.

So what this change is, is an invitation to live into your primordial power. It’s an invitation to live into your primordial power.

Now, this primorial power isn’t something that you don’t have already. It’s something that you have been blocking. It’s something that has been hidden from you inside of you. Your mind has told you it’s not okay to go there. And many, many, many other things in you your environment, your upbringing that have had you believing it’s not safe.

But it is very safe to go into primordial power because it’s actually the power that’s going to create all the changes that need to happen – in business, politics, the economy, socially. All of the changes that need to happen to bring freedom for everyone and to bring you into the uplevel you’ve been desiring, they actually depend upon your primordial power.

And so this is an invitation to start to at least question it. To start to at least – whether you are believing me or not – to at least start questioning what is primordial power for you? And What could it feel like? What would it feel like to experience primordial power inside of yourself?

And if you were to experience primordial power inside of yourself, what results could it have in your life? Tangibly speaking, what results would primordial power have. And in how you can up level in career or business? How you could up level in your relationships or be a more powerful leader? How you could up level financially? What are all the results that primordial power has waiting for you once you claim it?

I want to hear from you. What is your perception of primordial power? What’s your concept of it? What are the questions that it brings up for you? What’s that greater sense that it starts to show you? I want to hear from you in the comments below.

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Jordanna Eyre

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