Why You Should Let Go + 4 Ways to Know When

Reader’s Note: Last month I wrote about the difference between running away from and running closer to the truth. If you’re an active reader, consider this Part 2. 

We each have our own attachments to certain things. On the surface, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why I tend to have trouble letting go of old content within the MDS walls, yet have no problem letting go of a place I’ve been living or an article of clothing that has reached its final days.

Have you noticed those things for yourself that are easy to let go of? What about those that, no matter how much you may tell yourself you’re not attached, you just can’t seem to say goodbye to?

The simplicity lies in the reason why.

What are you hoping to gain by keeping something or by walking away from it?

At the core of your answer to that question lies in one word: energy.

Not in the nebulous sense of everything being energy (though true, it’s not what we’re talking about here).

Instead, I’m talking about how that thing in your life makes you feel. The energy it carries contributes something to your life.

Though subtle, the presence of that thing has an effect on how you feel, whether that “thing” is a habit, pattern, relationship, or some other circumstance.

That feeling pours into other parts of your life – and that contribution is either helping you or hindering you. Think of a toxic relationship or job that seems to leave you in a bad mood even after you’ve ended a conversation or your workday.

So the next question: How do you know if it’s time to let go of something?

It comes back down to the energy. Even when you can trace the current energy of something to a negative effect in your life/business, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to let go of it because there might still be growth for you there.

Here are four ways to determine if it’s time to let go of something:

  1. Check in with yourself to explore why you’re creating this experience and why you’re feeling the need to let go.
  2. When you tune into the energy or feeling of your desired outcome, what is it? Freedom, pleasure, abundance, joy? Once you have identified it, see where else in your life you already experience that feeling and where you can infuse more of it into your life.
  3. If there are others involved in the situation, have an open discussion with them about what you’re seeing and feeling. Make sure you truly listen to them, remaining open to any and all feedback about where and how that energy is being created. Remember that everyone involved wants to feel good and be supportive!
  4. Explore what it could feel and look like to keep this thing in your life/biz and change other circumstances surrounding it. (For example, if the only reason you’re doing or not doing something is because of current financial circumstances, have you explored shifting your financial circumstances to give you more freedom of choice?) This helps you explore the many possibilities in your life in a way that’s fun and full of, “what if?”

If you have checked in with the items on this list and still feel it’s time to let go or walk away, then by all means YES. Do it.

I’m not encouraging copping out on your responsibility for how you create your life.

I’m encouraging you to take an active role as the creator of your experience – and that means an open willingness to dance with the energy of what is.

To continue this discussion, watch the video on whether or not your pushing something away or it’s time to let go below.


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